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BREAKING ALLEGATION: Did McGlynn Just Stab Muccini-Burke in the Back? CIVIL WAR PART 1



Breaking News as of July 21, 2017: From local coffee shops to city hall and comments from people on the street who have allegedly seen Mike McGlynn and David McKillop together yesterday.

The breaking news of the day is as follows.Mike McGlynn was allegedly seen campaigning on Mystic Avenue with David McKillop Sr., candidate for Medford mayor. Is McGlynn now switching from Burke to McKillop? Is this allegedly because McGlynn didn't get his way with Mayor Stephanie Burke?

If McGlynn and Burke did have a falling out, as the word around town goes who cares? But for all you election political junkies, if McGlynn is now making a deal with McKillop, why is McGlynn throwing Mayor Burke under the bus after being her toastmaster and big time public and financial supporter for her last four fundraisers during the past two years ? 

stephanie's mess
12:18 pm 7-21-17
photo by JV

Also, does Gilbane Construction justify McGlynn not being at his $286, 000 per year job by allowing him to campaign for McKillop to Mystic Avenue businessmen during company time, if this be the case?

If in fact this the rumors and allegations prove to be true and McGlynn is supporting McKillop, the question to McGlynn is WHY?

And the question likewise to Burke is the very same one, WHY???

What did you do wrong to offend your staunch supporter McGlynn? Because you know for YEARS this writer has considered Mike McGlynn a power hungry control-freak who can’t let go.

He voluntarily gave up his position of mayor of this city to accept a $286,000 per year job as an engineering consultant (what engineering background does Mike McGlynn have for THAT job? - since this writer was at Arlington Catholic when McGlynn was I can assure you, Sister Yolanda was NOT teaching us engineering back in the 1970s...)

What favor was paid off for McGlynn to get that job? Allegedly… as the city hall and on the street comments go, McGlynn is NOT getting his way with Burke, and because he’s not getting his way he’s switching in mid gears.

If this is true and pans out, and McGlynn endorses McKillop, shame on you former Councilor Burke, for allowing this to happen.

It shows that you, as a mayor - cannot handle your responsibility to loyalty when you sold your soul to the devil.

This will also show that McGlynn cannot give up any control he way want with the mayor’s office.

He is not the mayor anymore and he needs to get over it.

Now, the next big question to ask if this all pans out to be true, where do Maiocco, Dello Russo, Scarpelli, Falco, Knight, Jeanine and Paul Camuso, Chief Sacco, Paul Donato... where do they go? (*AND THOUGH Rumley is appointed, where is his allegiance?)

Do they go with McKillop and McGlynn or do they go with Burke?

Allegedly, if McGlynn and Burke have had this falling out, so be it. But if McGlynn is making a deal with McKillop, a lot of questions need to be answered.

McGlynn’s biggest mistake was not supporting Bob Penta for mayor in 2015 for we all know that he and Mcglynn may not have seen eye to eye on many issues but, the one thing you can say about Bob Penta was that he was loyal to his position and the people he served and the people he gave his word to.

Shame on McGlynn on picking the wrong horse in the last race.As the days and weeks go on, we shall see if all these rumors and allegation prove to be true and if so stay tuned for the rumblings that will carry this story forward

I have a theory on this that will be published on Monday. Wow, the phone calls coming in on this story.
JV Photos from 12:18 pm July 21 - File Under: Stephanie in the Basement or "It's A Long Way Down"
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