Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hey Roy Belson, We've Found Jenna's Replacement for YOU!

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She looks like Chief Leo A. Sacco Jr. in drag!!!!

Ex-Teacher Convicted of Sexual Assault Blames Student for Seducing Her ‘Like a Used Car Salesman’ - wasn't the Varsity Coach's "victim" (ahem) in Medford 17 too????

Who are HER parents?

Police initially charged Gunn, 54, with several counts of engaging in sexual activity of a minor, and she was sentenced to 10 years of probation. Gunn, who worked at South Gwinnett High School in Georgia for 25 years, originally expressed remorse over the relationship in 2016. However, after she confessed, her story changed.

The former teacher now maintains that the 17-year-old victim tricked her into a sexual relationship, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Gunn told Judge Warren Davis that student with whom she began a sexual relationship "was like a used car salesman."



Therese Gunn says her 17-year-old student seduced her like a used car salesman.  

She's SOOOOO  Ugly!


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