Monday, July 24, 2017

UPDATED 8:58 AM THE CONNECTION is McGlynn using McKillop to Bend Muccini Burke Back to Him?

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The McKillop / McGlynn Connection.

In 2015 when David McKillop's son was running for school committee, David J. McKillop Jr. got a $100.00 donation from Michael J. McGlynn, then mayor of Medford

Two years later, David McKillop Sr. is running for mayor and the rumor is that Mike McGlynn is backing McKillop Sr. rather than Stephanie Muccini-Burke.

David McKillop's business is Rockafellas, at 231 Essex St. in Salem is the dining establishment which won Salem Chamber of Commerce “Best New Business 2004”

Also in Salem is the law firm at 4 Norman St, Salem, MA 01970 McGlynn and McGlynn, Mike McGlynn's brother Jack and Jack's wife, Diane.

The famous-in-Massachusetts lobbyists are established in Salem, no doubt deal with the Chamber of Commerce, and have been in the shadows of Medford life with brother Mike having been mayor for 28 years, and Jack McGlynn Sr., their father, before that.

My opinion is that when McGlynn and Muccini-Burke had the alleged row over Lisa Evangelista (now paid a ton of money to blog, but allegedly without the traction of this and other pages that your editor publishes) it set the table for McGlynn to distance himself from Muccini-Burke and find another horse to race in Election 2017.

Given the suspicions over Ed Finn's rather creepy behavior in Election 2015, how are McGlynn and Muccini-Burke going to try to stack the deck this time since they know each other's secrets? The game is now - officially - afoot!

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