Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Request to the AG to remove Rumley, Burke, Belson for Maliciously Keeping the Public in the Dark

Dear Ms. Maher,

Also, please note that the Open Meeting Law violation by the zoning board reflects the secret cable TV commission they are now calling "Chapter 74."

Roy Belson, Mark Rumley and Mayor Burke should resign the way Atty Anthony Arena reportedly did.

Belson, Rumley and Burke ARE the problem.  They intentionally and maliciously kept the public from knowing about the cable TV commission as they do NOT want the public funding access TV to use access TV

They violated the open meeting law willfully, intentionally and maliciously rather than have the public attend these meetings.  Even elected officials were shut out.   This is a disgrace.

Mark Rumley's childish "rants" are meant to - once again - attack the messenger. He's so predictable by doing that, and his attacks on me I consider malfeasance. I intend to report his wrongful conduct to the proper authorities today.

He's supposed to be an attorney.  They violated the open meeting law to hide the access TV from the cable TV subscribers paying for it. 

It's part of a Medford pattern.  Look at the zoning board, and then throw the book at them.

It was no oversight.  They've all been in power too long, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing and someone
caught them red-handed.

Throw the book at them.

Thank you

Joe Viglione

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