Sunday, July 23, 2017


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The Washington Post has as its slogan / tagline "Democracy Dies in Darkness" and the city of Medford is proof of that. McGlynn's Media Blackout is in full force, 

...but with the news that Michael J. McGlynn allegedly is now at war with Stephanie Muccini-Burke, that media blackout wall is showing some cracks. 

Sure, they are both keeping public access away from citizens illegally, an abuse of the term "issuing authority" where Muccini-Burke has full access to the cablespace DENYING the citizens paying the freight. Muccini-Burke's arrogance and deceit are the most transparent thing about her.

Democracy Dies in DARKNESS. We need to GET OUT THE VOTE and have a CLASS ACTION SUIT that residents can comprehend, sign, and see where city hall is ripping them off.

JUNE 25, 1987, 30 YEARS AGO
The Beverly Hills City Council has approved a franchise agreement with Century Southwest Cable Television Inc. that requires the company to spend $4.5 million to improve the aging system.
Vice Mayor Donna Ellman described the agreement, approved Tuesday by a 3-2 vote, as the "best of all worlds."

"It is an outstanding document that if we ever have to go to court will hold us in very good position," she said.

The council's action was taken after months of delays. A 13-member citizens committee studied the contract for more than a year and voted to recommend approval of the agreement.
Several members of the citizens group opposed the contract because they said that the company had provided inadequate financial information.
Opponents wanted the city to take control of the cable system.
Ellen Tern Harris, a member of the committee who opposed the agreement, said the city could have contracted with the telephone company to upgrade the system and hired a cable company to manage it.

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