Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rumley's Rants to the AG's Office - this stuff is Priceless - what a jerk!!

Rumley Just Can't Stop Digging Himself a Bigger Hole

These are back and forth letters to the AG from Mark Rumsfeld (oops, Rumley) and me.

Dear Ms. Maher:

As a journalist, quoting Mr. Rumley at the Council, Mr. Belson's "Mr. PIglione" to the public, Mrs. Burke's rants as a city councilor, I am only putting a mirror up to their despicable conduct.

Mr. Rumley is a vindictive, uncivil, contemptible human being who masquerades as someone he is not.

Do NOT let his attacks on a citizen - his abuse of the "power of suggestion" - interfere in an investigation the way that Donald Trump likes to create distractions.

I gave you the truth; Rumley - as always - distracts.

Look, I won in a court of law, Rumley was thrown off the witness stand for irrelevant testimony.

These people will do anything to hold on to power. They lie, cheat and obfuscate. Mr. Rumley's failure to look into the finances of MCC TV3 as he promised "within ten days," Mr. Rumley's embarrassing moments at the city council when he yells and screams after Councilor Michael Marks baits him and Rumley takes the bait.

So Mr. Rumley admitted they weren't in compliance and that they will remedy the situation. Hardly. Where is our public access TV station, where is a line item of the finances, where is ethical behavior at Medford City Hall.

I am the messenger. You can read my writings where I praise people who deserve praise - the All Music Guide to Soul, the All Music Guide to Rock (I believe I'm the only critic in rock history to show the influence of the Vanilla Fudge on a band called Deep Purple, pick up the book at your local library or order it online) - if this writer was anything like the person Mr. Rumley describes there is no way I could get to interview over 1,000 people including directors Jodie Foster, Robert Zemeckis, Michael Moore, Ray Manzarek of the Doors, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Sirius/XM's Bill Press,
Lou Reed, Suzanne Vega, people from all walks of life.

This writer gives out more praise than criticism - but because Mr. Rumley has conducted himself poorly and a professional journalist is investigating him, Rumley will write from his safe office his sanctimonious "rants" (to use his 2nd favorite word; his favorite word is "delusional" when he wants to smear citizens of Medford) to confuse, muddle, overcomplicate.

If he's such a good attorney, why hasn't some Boston law firm showered him with monies. Martha Coakley gets that respect. Mark Rumley does not.
So he writes the e mail we all just witnessed because the mirror that I hold up has Dorian Gray looking back when Mark Rumley dares to take a peek. Mark, breaking the mirror does not change the facts. You need to resign. Medford would be better served with an attorney who has real compassion, knowledge and concern for the citizens of the municipality paying him so handsomely.

Mr. Rumley admitted that they violated the law. Throw the book at them.

Thank you.

Joe Viglione

From: Mark Rumley <markrumley@medford-ma.gov>
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 10:34 AM
Subject: Re: att: Ms Maher Fw: Open Meeting Law Complaint

Dear Ms. Maher:

In the City’s Response I state quite clearly that the posting of these two meetings on the Vocational School Calendar was not in compliance with the Open Meeting Law.

I conclude the City Response describing the remedial action that will be taken by the Superintendent of Schools.

I find Mr. Viglione’s email to be part of a continuing and despicable rant. In my opinion, his words are beyond “sophomoric character assassination” and "name calling”. He accuses municipal officials of using their office for their own gain and the Superintendent of Schools of being a danger to children.

I have urged him to practice civility in the past but my message has not been received.

Very truly yours,
Mark Rumley
City Solicitor
Law Department
Medford City Hall