Sunday, July 23, 2017

Monday's Editorial on McKillop/McGlynn: WHO WILL RAT OUT WHOM ON THE STOLEN ELECTION OF 2015

I'm taking my sweet time with this editorial, but it should be ready for Monday morning.

How the hell can Stephanie Burke or Mike McGlynn, if they really have split, which I informed you readers of eighteen months ago with the high school blogger, Ms. Evangelista, when the not-so-dynamic duo bickered allegedly over that hire... if they really have split, how the hell can they not rat one or the other out on the stolen election of 2015???

And how do you steal it again in 2017 when two opposing forces both know the formula?

Here's a little hint about Monday's story, I have a little public records request going out to get information to blow open the stolen election of 2015, and here's an even bigger hint:

That public records request is NOT going to Medford City Hall or Medford High School.

They have no idea what it is, but I can assure you, once we get the documents, there will be rats scurrying off sinking ships.

They have no idea what I am asking, they have no idea how incredible the information will be, and they have no idea what the legal consequences will be for them!

THIS is going to be FUN, Mahk!*

*P.S. this is NOT the public records request going out on Matt Page Lieberman's best friend, Adam Knight.  THAT little gem ought to get the union boy off of the city council when revealed.  And that is NOT going to Medford City Hall OR Medford High School neither(sic!)* in double negative, because Madame Knight IS a walking double negative.