Friday, July 28, 2017

REDDIT and David McKillop

Reddit and David McKillop - 

Mr. McKillop doesn't have much traction yet.Anthony D'Antonio certainly has a higher profile having taken on McGlynn twice; D'Antonio saw how the sausage factory that is the Democratic City and Ward Committee bamboozled him when D'Antonio won the straw vote and Michael J. McGlynn bullied Tony by taking the final moments of the debate to have union people and non-Medford residents cheering for McGlynn. D'Antonio won't allow that nonsense to happen again with his third run.

But it is that same specter from the dark, Michael J. McGlynn, which appears to be putting his fingers into this 2nd election A.A.M. (Allegedly After McGlynn) - McGlynn just can't let go of "his" city, and therein is the problem, there lies the "rub" - David McKillop is relatively unknown to Medford politics, Stephanie Burke's fumbles, stumbles and stupidity aren't enough to scare away her ardent supporters in West Medford, that "granola crunching" crowd. 

It's the McGlynn/McKillop alleged team-up that is the big elephant in the room in this 2017 race, along with no public access television. 

D'Antonio has his supporters and the South Medford crowd; Muccini-Burke has West Medford, and McKillop has the X factor, along - allegedly - with McGlynn. When asked point blank if McGlynn had teamed up with him purportedly McKillop answered in the negative. 

But when was the last time you heard a politician tell you the reality of a situation vs. their own spin? It IS McKillop and McGlynn according to my very good sources, the Irish connection. Stay tuned for more early next week.

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cawillweSouth Medford 1 point 1 month ago
Not much in terms of proposals/positions in there, hope to see more soon.