Monday, July 17, 2017

Cyber Bully Councilor Adam Knight

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On his first campaign trail Adam Knight called Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. a "fiasco." 

But Knight is a liar.

Knight has abused the courageous man who took down TV3 Medford and - allegedly - aligned himself with the scurrilous Doria Pizzotti Alberg and violent Matthew Page Lieberman.

A cyber-bully twitter account was PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED on 7-17-17 and lo and behold, outside of some rapper who probably was following every site he could to get his numbers up, were the two lone voices of Adam Knight and Doria Pizzotti-Alberg, the self-proclaimed queen of all things "chocolate" - and it sure looks it by the size of her hips.

The mean-spirited losers at MCC TV3 are obsessed, fixated and dangerous.

However, the AG's office did write us today and are entertaining a BRAND NEW COMPLAINT.

If their former board member Mark E. Rumley is going to play ostrich and hide his head in the sand, it doesn't mean the citizens are going to believe the delusions that drop out of Rumley's mouth like road apples that horses deliver on the farm.

Rumley's a funny man (not!)   With all the power he has, the malicious streak the city solicitor displays removes all doubt.  Rumley is not to be trusted, nor is he the nice person he wants you to believe that he is.

Were he nice in any way, shape or form, those missing TV3 monies would be on the front page of Wicked Local Medford, wouldn't they?

Instead, Rumley throws spitballs like a 5 year old Donald Trump, and he sure feels like Donald Trump when he gets YOUR money that he hardly works for.  Just look at the TV3 case to see Rumley walking out on the citizens of Medford who pay the freight - and the solicitor's bloated and undeserved salary.

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