Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Ballad of Leo Sacco a.k.a. Rumley's Charade

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Intentional Theft of Access Television by City of Medford

On July 16th Mark Rumley,  cast more aspersions on a citizen.  He's the city solicitor who was embarrassed in a court of law on 9/1/16 when my simple "objection" got the full-of-himself long-in-the-tooth city lawyer thrown off a witness stand. With egg on his face.   Angry and mad, Mr. Rumley can only shoot spitballs at the residents he took an oath to serve.

IN a court of law the Honorable Judge Lamothe called this writer "very logical" when I defeated TV3, one of many times.

Now do the simple math.   Rumley was hurling his usual invective and got bounced; the term the judge used for Rumley's testimony was "irrelevant."  While this writer was called "very logical" by another judge in the same courthouse.

Do the simple math

Joe Viglione is called logical.
Mark Rumley is called "irrelevant."

Who are you going to believe?  Respected judges or a megalomaniac city solicitor?

To retaliate Rumley calls this hard-working, award-winning public access TV radio host and producer "delusional."

How old are you, Mark?  5 years of age?

So Rumley calls me "delusional" and my good pal Officer Ghilain says that I bring "nothing to the table"

As untrue as Ghilain's statement is, I will make sure that next Wednesday on  the day the cops usually go mental in Medford, July 26, that I am ensconced at Boston Free Radio playing songs by a dear friend of mine - he wrote a Grammy-winning song for Lou Rawls and his own masterpiece that is heard every day around the world.  He was born on July 26.  

Other notable July 26 historic happenings

---Officer Ghilain allegedly assaulted officer Leone and sent Mike Leone to the hospital  July 26, 2009.

UPDATE: Cop suspended after fight in Medford Police station - News ... 13, 2009 - The incident took place July 26 between Ptl. John Ghilain and Ptl. Michael Leone jus
t prior to the 3:30 roll call, where Chief of Police Leo A.

July 26, 2010 Officer Stephen Lebert threatened to "blow a hole through (Michael Coates) Fxxxxng" Head.

So I play songs from my good friend who was born on July 26, and Officer Ghilain punches out an officer - allegedly - and Stephen Lebert threatens to kill a man.

Mark Rumley calls ME delusional?

Imagine if YOU, dear reader, punched out Michael Leone IN the police station.   How many years in the slammer for that?

Or threats to kill like that disgraced jackass Stephen Lebert - Mark Rumley calls ME "delusional" when the violent thugs in Medford don't give a damn about public safety; they can only cyber bully an individual who is working very hard to clean up the mess that they have made of things.

July 26, get your umbrella Medford citizens- and if you hear a siren - you run!   They seem to go bonkers on that day.

Hey that handsome Mayor Joe Curtatone walked by when I was on the air today.  You know, "say what you will about Curtatone (and I'm quoting someone there,) but he keeps his hands OFF of Public Access TV."


A cop hurt the neck of Mike Leone
and then he cyber-bullied Viglione
Chief Sacco's victims all get branded
for his sons they have that double standard

because there are concerns on their approach
and the hush up of the acts of some varsity coach
the police chief is the one who is truly whacko
no breathalyzer test for sonny boy/ Joe Sacco

More like Tony Soprano than Ozzie Nelson
there's the poison pen of Superintendent Belson
you're #1 on their hit parade
welcome to the world of Rumley's Charade

the unpublished poem is much, much longer...but you get the drift

In Cambridge District Court the office of the District Attorney was complaining that the City Council President didn't like me "pacing" at the back of Alden Chambers.   The Judge DENIED them their stupid, delusional request to tell people where to sit or stand, and then Judge Fitzpatrick looked at me and said "You're an Intelligent Man" - which was clearly his observation, doing the simple math, that a clumsy city council president was out to get me and that I should watch my back.

I, of course, defeated Council President Rick Caraviello and ADA Raquel Frisadi in court and, of course, will be suing the city of Medford and those associated with the fraudulent case for at least 1.5 million.  That case is coming soon.
that's it for essay was about how government officials brand critics with ugly smears.  The response by the Officer and City Solicitor both fully expected.   I set the trap, they walk right in it.   

July 26 - do not have words with a police officer at the station - you might get slugged.  And certainly don't go the wrong way around a rotary with Chief Sacco's boys on the prowl in the wild wild wild west (Medford)

oh, it's public access TV.  First Amendment.  They can dish it out, but when you respond, they will hit you harder, 
sending a big, obese, ex-football player to slug they did to me on June 16, 2015, but that's a story for another day 

Joe Viglione 

6:20 pm July 19

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