Friday, July 28, 2017

Election 2017 Part 1: Where's the Access TV Station

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Election 2017  Part 1:  Where's the Access TV Station

An Editorial by Joe Viglione 
Medford Info Central Dot Com

Candidates who are not incumbents need to be very scientific about this upcoming election in 102 days.   The incumbents take unfair advantage of their positions, detesting term limits, and greedy to raise your taxes and abscond with your monies.

This is the first in a series of articles on the 2017 election.
It is as crooked as it is creepy and if you need to take three showers after Fred Dello Russo Jr., Adam Knight and Rick Caraviello spit on you, join the club.


Even the city councilors who voted against the pay raise still TOOK the pay raise.  The difference should have been given to a charity to take a stand, but all the incumbents are part of a system where they don't rock the boat and do the right thing.

Michael Marks is a good case in point. For all his grandstanding this writer has yet to see Marks go up against the machine in the way that Attorney Bill O'Keefe did.  Sure, O'Keefe got ousted, but he gave the crew of Van der Kloot, Cugno, Falco, Scarpelli and Guzik a good jolt.

The interesting thing in 2009 was that four challengers, Scarpelli, Falco, Guzik and O'Keefe removed three old fogeys. 

Now that defendant-in-a-serious-court-case Scarpelli and his shadow Falco have become e.c., entrenched cronies, they are looking to stay on the council eight years after they found a way onto the school committee.  

It's easy cash, they hardly do any work, and Scarpelli, with a straight face, doesn't want you to investigate his legal problems where a Galileo Mondol was charged with rape: a broomstick rammed inside a sixteen year old male and allegations that Scarpelli refused to listen to the kids, YOUR KIDS, being repeatedly hazed in Somerville.

How a detached and selfish individual like Scarpelli can even run for office is Exhibit A in the muck and the mire that is Medford City Politics.

We deserve better than an individual like Scarpelli infecting city life with his clear negligence that is obvious even before there is a verdict.  We see by Scarpelli and Falco's votes that they are marching lock-step with the dishonest Muccini-Burke Administration.

So how are you challengers going to take on the broken system?

There is a logical formula, it is logical, practical and scientific, and that's why Mark Rumley besmirches me, smears my name and is so fixated on me.

Because Rumley knows that I am a solution-oriented person who removed McGlynn's decoy on the Medford Housing Authority board of directors, exposed Robert A. Maiocco for the fraud that he was, and who wiped up the floor with the horrible individuals from Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., both in court and in the court of public opinion.

Who ever heard of a city lawyer being a board member of a corrupt entity and then being the lead investigator in Medford on the board that he sat on.

Donald Trump's dream come true, n'est ce pas?  But NOT good for you, cable TV subscriber.

As the old admonition goes: those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it, so read this article:

Incumbents William Brady, Lena DiGiantommaso, and Robert Skerry were ousted. All three have served on the panel for decades.

In 2011 my friend Bob Skerry came back and, as much as I like him as a person, he is absolutely useless, fails to do his job, and is part of the rigged system.  


Erin DiBenedetto, Robert Skerry Join School Committee; Rick Caraviello New City Councilor
– Allison Goldsberry

Bob holds on to power because he needs the ego boost; he doesn't give a damn about public access or your kids, it is all about his own self-worth, and that is the wrong reason to be on a school committee that supports Superintendent Belson - an individual who poses a huge threat to the children of Medford, and Stephanie Muccini-Burke, the mayor accused of allegedly sweeping a sex crime under the rug to seize the levers of power in Medford.  That alleged cover up allegedly in concert with police chief Leo A. Sacco Jr. and Superintendent Belson and possibly others.

Voters wake up.  These creeps have infiltrated your election, and the deeper that you dig, the more filth that bubbles up and appears to incriminate the city solicitor, the mayor, the police chief and the superintendent of schools, the Frightful Four as Marvel comics would have it, the most powerful individuals in Medford proving to be the most dangerous.

Sacco, Burke, Belson and Rumley make fictional gangster Tony Soprano look like a novice.  And with their own personal Igor, Edward P. Finn, and the dullards on the city council, from Caraviello to Dello Russo and Knight, and blowhard Michael Marks, you get nothing, absolutely nothing for your Thirty Thousand Dollars plus a year.

Just Breanna Lungo-Koehn, the lone voice fighting the pack of hungry wolves.  And even Breanna disappointed me by taking the pay raise, reportedly, that she voted against.

How does this give the voters any confidence in a crooked system?

New candidates need to be scientific about their approach to this crooked election 2017, the bastard son or daughter of the crooked 2015 election.

(Here's where the Solicitor throws more stones when he should be on a witness stand being interrogated for his dereliction of duty.  Hopefully, that day will be here... sooner than later.)

   Once again candidates for public office who are not incumbents are being cheated by Stephanie Muccini-Burke, the "issuing authority" who has no access TV that we pay for with the election ever so close.  102 days away.

Muccini-Burke is ripping off the candidates, just as she rips off cable TV subscribers on a daily basis.

3 days left in July
31 days in August
30 days in September
31 days in October
7 days in November


      City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley wants "civil discourse."  What discourse? (communication or debate.)  You cannot have a debate when the monologues are scripted from city hall and Muccini-Burke's broken-glass-on-the-chalkboard shrill voice services her well: the residents tune out so they can't even hear the malarkey she's spewing.  Pure meaningless talk.

     You call that "civil discourse," Mr. Rumley?  The residents know better, they know that you and Muccini-Burke are lying to them, buffaloing them, cheating them, and not being very transparent, not in the least.

     You are a blatant liar, Mr. Rumley, and not a very good one at that.  So you resort to throwing stones, abusing the power of suggestion, and spinning self-crafted fiction, to paraphrase your own vernacular, using your office like a bully pulpit rather than the legal protection this city needs and deserves.

     You see, my opinion is that the city lawyer should be protecting the residents who pay him, not the crooks who vote for their own pay raises.

      The city solicitor is a BIG part of the problem with his vindictive and asinine hissing contests with Councilor Michael Marks.  Sure, Marks baits Rumley, Rumley takes the bait - the most powerful man in Medford like a fish on the hook ranting "bring it on" or "I'm the City Solicitor and I will NOT be insulted in this matter."   Rumley's ego so easily bruised, and his knee-jerk reactions regrettable and hurtful to this community.

    Our community needs a steady hand in the solicitor's office, not arrogance and an unwarranted sense of self-esteem or self-importance.  Because this article points out the clear fact that residents snicker and laugh at Rumley's antics also gets the city lawyer all riled up.  He starts throwing rocks at me, which, when you think of it, a powerful city solicitor fixated on a blogger, is like a giant stepping on an ant.  But that's the way Mark E. Rumley behaves, and it certainly is not good for Medford.  Indeed, it is very, very bad for Medford and only exposes what a bad individual Mr. Rumley is.  

     In the next few days I will inform the population of Medford to the criminal activities of Edward P. Finn, the anti-social reprobate who thinks he is the city clerk.  He's as crooked as the day is long and even failed to show up in court under subpoena on 1/31/17.  He steals the First Amendment from residents filing petitions that Finn molests with glee, and the ex-football player thinks nothing of yelling and committing an act of violence on a homosexual senior citizen.   Finn uses his fists (or fat chest, as the case may be) because he has no morals, no ethics and, clearly, no brains.

Part 2 will explore Mr. Finn's unclean hands in greater detail.