Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Caraviello at Demets right now BEGGING D'Antonio to drop out

Rat Bastard Caraviello doing Stephanie's Dirty Work

Did TV3 and Adam Knight create this photo of Stephanie Muccini-Burke holding Caraviello by her leash in an all-male leather bar near Fenway Park?

Ex-Cop arrested for assault not running for mayor! Tuesday, September 17, 2015, three months and a day after Clerk Ed Finn assaulted a senior citizen, a cop or ex-cop was arrested and charged with assault and battery.   (Hey, at least he didn't have any sleazy cab deals going on in Cambridge like one allegedly dirty cop that came from Medford was said to have... Sunrise, Sunset...oh, never mind...)
5:31 AM  Sunrise
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 (EDT)
Sunrise in Malden, MA
8:11 PM  Sunset
Tuesday, July 25, 2017 (EDT)

Sunset in Malden, MA

Fiddler on the Goof

 The ex-cop pulled papers for mayor. OK, so an arrest does not mean a conviction, even if you are jaywalking or doing other things at Stop and Shop, but what is it with these cops? 

July 26 is the date when Stephen Lebert went mental on a Malden resident, and when a dear friend of all of us on this page went bonkers on Officer Leone ...from Leone to yer editor, you'd better believe on July 26 I'm spending the day in Somerville at my radio show so that Sean Hughes, Richard Lebert, Stephen Lebert, JG, D.C., Captain A.D. and Barry's daddy, Greg Hudson, Miguel Lopez and the gang - that means you P.C., don't all gang up on me in a dark alley on 7-26-17 - 

Medford's annual Cops Go Bonkers day!   July 26!
Just ask victims Michael Coates, Officer Leone and me!!!
 Harold., please ....HEEEEELLLLLLP!!!!!!!!