Saturday, July 15, 2017

Crooked 501c3 Stole Social Security Number, Board members should be in PRISON

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Crook at Tufts Health Plan convicted and sentenced.

A Tufts Health Plan CROOK is finally going to jail.  Wonder if she had an accomplice?

The FBI is going to get an earful on the possibility.


In Medford, a 501C3 published most of my social security number on the web. The police had about four of the criminals "mediate" with the victim. 

It took a lot of strength to shut them down, but that they grabbed my social security number is reason for every good Medford citizen to pause and re-evaluate our police department that praises itself but is woefully deficient...and will turn a blind eye from protecting us if a crooked mayor and crooked city lawyer tell them to put us at risk. I have tons of proof. 

if police chief Sacco is too busy shielding a relative from the justice system, then maybe Leo A. Sacco, Jr. should be sent to prison for a LONG time.

It's sick and disgusting what goes on in Medford under two crooked mayors - both cowards, bullies and thieves.
A former employee of Tufts Health Plan was sentenced in federal court in Boston for stealing the identifying information of more than 8,000 Medicare customers.
Lynrolte Cezaire, 29, of Medford, was sentenced Friday, July 14 by U.S. District Court Judge George A. O’Toole Jr. to two years and one day in prison and two years of supervised release. Following a seven-day jury trial in April 2017, Cezaire was convicted by a federal jury of unlawfully disclosing Social Security numbers and aggravated identity theft.