Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hey Bernie Sanders...Tell that to Brian S. Burke, Clerk of Courts and All Around JERK

1,009,678 @ 11:37 am July 4th

Hey Bernie, the husband of a Medford politician snuck up (as in sneaked up!) behind a homosexual senior videographer in October of 2015 and called him a FUTHERMUCKER, only the other way around!

"Sadly we are in a moment where parties not only attack public officials, they have to go after wives and children," Sanders said. "You know, this is pathetic and that's the way politics is in America today."

So, Bernie, tell us, isn't it pathetic when the husband goes after a local video guy after a city clerk slugged the guy, but before the guy was stalked by Two Ton Tonello?
And, furthermore, Bernie, we have kept the young female athlete's name hidden, unlike another mayoral candidate, in the alleged varsity coach scandal.   She could be anyone's daughter, Mike Camuso's, Paul Nestor's, Rick Scarpelli's, George Caraviello's, Robert A. Tonello's, Mark Maiocco's?   No one knows...well...some of us might know who the alleged victim and who the alleged teacher are in the VARSITY COACH ALLEGED SEX SCANDAL...

Coming to a campaign one state away from you, Bernie!

Stay tuned.

This is going to be ...serious.