Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Is Burke Pressuring Candidate?

Mayor Burke allegedly pressuring candidate John Byers to get out of Mayoral race.  

as of 11:30 am this morning

Candidate Byers alleges that Monday, July 10, Lena Muccini, mother of Stephanie Muccini Burke - who lives under Mr Byers at Tempone Manor, purportedly knocked on his door and asked him to leave the mayoral race. 

Byers reportedly told the mayor's mother to remember "the coach" - a reference to allegations that Muccini Burke, Chief Sacco, Superintendent Belson and possibly others hushed up an illicit teacher/student sexual affair between a male varsity coach and female lacrosse player. 

Muccini-Burke allegedly phoned Byers twice last week   

I can personally attest to Muccini Burke asking me to have Byers meet with Mayor McGlynn about six years or so ago, giving great weight to Byers' claims