Friday, July 14, 2017

Mark Rumley Kool Aid - a Refreshing Drink for Summer 2017. NOT!!!!

1,015,898 @ 4:54 pm

Dear Mr. Viglione: 
I have responded to your Open Meeting Law Complaint. 
I will not respond to you eternal rantings.
Very truly yours, 
Mark Rumley 
City Solicitor  (*not if a new mayor can help it!!!! and not necessarily me!  Time to put old Mark out to pasture!!!)
It would be a step in the right direction to hire a city solicitor who cares about the city of Medford and not the hacks who have infiltrated the corner office:

Mr. Rumley's response (below) is shameful given that the citizens do not have a free speech platform during yet another election cycle.

Hey, I'm the guy winning the court cases, Mr. Rumley is the individual whose testimony was

branded "irrelevant" by a judge in open court. So I can understand Mr. Rumley's anger when I was pro se and still pointed out, in appropriate fashion, that what falls from the city lawyer's mouth hardly has relevance to the subject at hand.

It is my hope that the Attorney General's office and the office of the Secretary of State make note of that.

As a cable TV subscriber ripped off by two Administrations in the city of Medford, I can understand Mr. Rumley's reticence to respond to his inadequate investigation of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., his failure to live up to the promises he made the citizens of Medford vis-a-vis his demand to MCC TV3 to hand over the financial records, and now this snippy comment to me.

On 9/1/16 a judge responded to my objection to Mr. Rumley being on a witness stand assassinating my character by calling Mr. Rumley "irrelevant."

Degrading e mails from a city lawyer who failed to help the citizens get their access TV shows on air, that they pay for, is just an admission of guilt, in this writer's humble opinion


Joe Viglione

Candidate for Mayor of Medford