Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mark Rumley Must HELP CItizens of Medford - REMOVE ED FINN

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July 11, 2017
Mark Rumley
City Solicitor
Medford City Hall
Medford, MA 02155

RE: City Hall Abuse of Residents in Medford

Dear Solicitor Rumley and Neil Osborne, Diversity Director,

My goal with this e mail is to point out how the Administrations of both Mayor Michael J. McGlynn and Stephanie Muccini-Burke have been unfair to many of the residents of this municipality - especially those with the courage and the strength to speak out about abuses and work to find solutions.     It is time that those abuses STOP and that the elected officials who engage in them – specifically Rick Caraviello, Adam Knight, Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr., be sanctioned and removed prior to the November 7, 2017 election.

Unelected officials like Edward P. Finn (involved in a “yelling” incident according to the testimony of the council president, 1/31/17) and the first husband of Medford, Brian S. Burke, need to face scrutiny over their wrongful conduct.   Finn needs to be removed as city clerk because, as mayoral candidate, my rights are violated every day that the thug, Edward P. Finn, is allowed to censor my petitions and bully and intimidate me.

Let this be another notice, on record, that Finn’s involvement in the 2017 election is unfair to a victim of Finn’s ugly and violent behavior.   I know enough not to engage in “yelling” with a city official, so it was the lone, loud voice of Finn which generated the verbal assault on the person of this senior citizen.

Shame on you, Mr. Rumley, for putting bad behavior of city officials over ethics and public safety.

Sometimes you act so kind and caring, and sometimes you get into a proverbial spitball contest with councilor Michael Marks. The two sides of Mark E. Rumley are on public record, so don’t even try to wiggle out of it. 

After knowing you for fifteen and a half years, Mr. Rumley, I can say with clarity that I am certain the city will be better off the day that you resign or are fired.   You have stood up for so much wrongful conduct that it is appalling to any reasonable person.   The city’s law office has no place for someone who, I believe, allegedly enables conduct which is allegedly outside the law.

Your comments on Stephen Lebert and Greg Hudson are matters of public record.  

Any reasonable person can see that they are in conflict with holding police officers to the highest of standards.  IN Medford, the insiders get preferential treatment while citizens who file public record requests or who ask the right questions are victimized, face threats of physical violence, or are dragged into court on phony charges.  

Isn’t Councilor George Scarpelli facing a trial because of what was done to Galileo Mondol for exactly what is being discussed here?  Any reasonable person would believe that Mr. Scarpelli should resign until the outcome of his case.

That you didn’t lobby to be harsh with Greg Hudson, Stephen Lebert and other police officers who were in the wrong is absolutely astounding.  See link from Boston.com

Hudson's first disciplinary matter came in 1993, and was followed by two more issues in 1996, before a 1999 arrest for domestic assault, Rumley said, although details of those incidents, which were handled within the department and did non involve the civil service hearing process, were unavailable.  http://archive.boston.com/yourtown/news/medford/2011/03/suspended_medford_police_offic.html
I am pleased to see Mr. Neil Osborne now in the office of diversity. I met with Mr. Osborne today and congratulated him.

Discrimination is how Medford City Hall does business, from the pressure alleged by a mayoral candidate to me (in a phone conversation last night) after he claims that the mayor had her mother knock on his door and allegedly pressure him to leave the race (so much for Democracy; sounds like the un-American comment you told me Attorney Skerry called the president of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. at a board meeting) to the lack of – speak of the devil – an access TV station in this town. 

That “devil” being the board of directors of TV3 that you sat on and were supposed to investigate.  Let me clarify that: the board you PROMISED cable TV subscribers would have only ten days to comply OR ELSE, that "or else" deadline now over two years old.

I am discussing both a Class Action Suit against the city in regards to the rights of cable TV subscribers as well as a civil rights case in Federal court regarding the phony charges the Medford police and the city council president filed.  It was a case that they lost in spectacular fashion, but which did get the City Council president to say:

a)…that City Clerk Edward P. Finn was involved in a yelling incident (on or about June 16, 2015)

b)…that he (Mr. Caraviello) – under oath, never “moonlighted” on the city council when, in fact, Caraviello told me when he skipped out on the pay-to-park video vote at the city council, that he had to drive a client with his limo company, R.C. Limos. 

Now the public records request will be to see that Mr. Caraviello was PRESENT at that particular meeting 9/23/14.  A headline on my blog states “Caraviello skipped out on City Council 9/23 to drive a limo! TAXPAYERS SCREWED AGAIN!”

I intend to ask the court to investigate Mr. Caraviello's testimony for the inconsistency (at least Detective Paul Mackowski said he couldn't recall when asked about the key document - which was in my hands as the detective was on the witness stand!  The key document that would vindicate me a detective "couldn't recall."  Don't we pay detectives to recall?  That's like a lawyer not knowing the law, isn't it?)

I am also seeking a contempt complaint against Edward P. Finn for ignoring the subpoena.
You and Detective Mackowski responded to a subpoena...why was Finn so afraid to testify under oath?    I will be filing with the court system to investigate Mr. Finn's failure to show up after he received the subpoena.

So we have a contemporaneous article in a media outlet that had 210,748 page views as of September 30, 2014, and which now has, as of today, 1,013,940 @ 2:17 pm July 11, 2017.

As both you and a Medford police officer (J.G.) both claim that no one pays attention to me (or - by extension -  my writings,)  I would like to submit that 3,000 page views a day during the 2015 election cycle is evidence that you and that officer of the law are both incorrect.

That Caraviello’s admission to a reporter that he had to drive a limo on the night of the council meeting where he was present for some of the meeting, but not on the vote for the pay-to-park video, is an indication that what Mr. Caraviello said on January 31, 2017 was not the truth, while he was under oath to judge and jury.

Shouldn’t we expect higher standards from elected officials?  

Mr. Caraviello’s alleged comments at Demet’s Donuts about alleged vindictiveness towards me show a motive, if true.

I am requesting Neil Osborne investigate the City Council President for what he said in a court of law, what Caraviello stated in a letter to my lawyer after he lost in court, and the Open Meeting Law violation that I allege Caraviello committed on or about March 28, 2017.  This kind of nonsense has no place in a civil society, especially when councilors vote on their own pay raises and act like juvenile delinquents when doing city business.

The city should remove Richard Caraviello by any legal means available after his loss in court. Rumor has it that Mr. Caraviello’s family allegedly will be the beneficiary of a new job being created somewhere in Massachusetts. We are watching this very closely.
As you know I was authorized to tape the "Great Debate" on or about October 20, 2015.
Mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke's husband called me a "motherfxxxr" and DENIED me the opportunity to video tape a back-up from the middle of the front row

To me that is a clear open meeting law violation by the candidate's husband.

I was authorized to tape the event (and had met with Chevalier staff - who remained most helpful after Middlesex Superior Court Clerk Assistant Clerk Brian S. Burke swore at me and said he was going to get that "xxxxxx" out of there).  I had to move to the side because some unauthorized individual, Brian S. Burke, was a bully, offensive and bothered the dozens of people within hearing distance of his vulgarity. 

I will be filing an Open Meeting Law complaint on the mayor's husband for harassing and abusing a senior citizen, as well as violating the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in his stopping me from videotaping from stage center.

What authority did the husband of a candidate have to act in such a boorish and ugly manner?

As a candidate for mayor of this city I want it on public record that there is a history of harassment aimed exactly at me – be it the TV3 assault of April 2010 where the police determined I was the sole victim, to you, Mark Rumley, being thrown off a witness stand when the judge called you “irrelevant” when you were up there bashing this citizen (September 1, 2016) to Detective Mackowski mocking me after he was thrown off the witness stand that same date (in the hallway of Somerville court Paul Mackowsi walked by me gloating “See you in October” – meaning at the phony trial, which was moved to 1/31/17.)  

Matthew Day and Michael Sullivan clearly didn’t want their golden boy Brian Burke tarnished by what my reading of the canon of ethics state was a violation.  Shame on them.

It’s an insider’s club where I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayor Stephanie Burke – called a “charlatan” by WRKO radio’s Jeff Kuhner – used her husband’s office as the Human Resource Department of Medford City Hall. And that should disgust every citizen of this municipality, if true.  

These are the facts as I know them.  Mr. Finn must be fired for his egregious acts. Plural.  Censoring my petitions, being involved in a “yelling” incident, allegedly telling an elected official in June of 2015 that Stephanie Burke would win and Bob Penta would lose.

Only Karnak the Magnificent on the Johnny Carson show would know that, or an alleged accomplice in an allegedly hijacked election.   And Mr. Finn certainly doesn’t look like Karnak, does he now? 

He looks like an angry ex-football player who would beat up on a shorter, defenseless gay senior citizen is what he looks like, what he looks like. What he looks like.

Ed Finn cannot touch this election as he has a vendetta against this candidate.

What are you going to do about it?


Joe Viglione
Candidate for Mayor
Medford MA 02155