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Meet the new Station Manager of Medford TV - and Puppeteer Stephanie

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Muccini Burke's Skewed Vision for Access TV
By Joe Viglione

The good news, people is that Ben Brown Technical Operations Manager of BIG - Brookline Interactive Group (formerly BATV Brookline Access Television) is a professional person, and an all-around good guy.

My show Visual Radio aired on BATV for years.

What his colleague, Krissy Fraser, has already seen (see article also of Brookline Interactive Group - now Media Technology Teacher  at  Medford Vocational Technical High School (MVTHS) ) -  what Krissy has already seen and is beginning to see an expansion of is the strangulation of public access by highly unpopular Mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke, they-almost-ran-him-out-of-town via petition supremely unpopular and highly-loathed Roy E. Belson.*

*Ben, beware, Belson has problems reining in bomb sniffing dogs and sexual predators at the high school and is a BIG part of the problem.  You'll see how slimy and underhanded Belson is and how your paycheck is used in a form of quasi-blackmail to keep employees on their toes and in fear of the mayor and the superintendent.  Welcome to Medford.

Their choking-the-life-out-of-free-speech, is something Ben is going to be made aware of as the City of Medford's Media Blackout is Muccini-Burke and Belson's top priority.

By the way, I am suing the city for over 1.5 million dollars and part of the settlement is that I be appointed (and paid) to be Executive Director and right the ship.  I can work with Ben, however, the citizens of Medford cannot work under Darth Vader Muccini-Burke and Emperor Belson, the first and most glaring exhibit in the evidence against that unholy pair the mere fact that they refused to let us operate an interim station while they took our money like whoremasters gleefully operating a gray-area brothel thousands of miles from Las Vegas Nevada is all you need to know about their motives and methods.

Belson, after he wrote a malicious note calling me "Mr. Piglione" (such high standards for that snake, Roy Belson!) said to Krissy "Joe thinks I hide sexual predators at the high school."

Well, Roy, when the city presses false criminal charges on this journalist and when the city loses, yeah, it makes the whole Varsity Coach and daughter-of-a-powerful-politician alleged scandal look like you and the mayor and the chief of police are hiding something, doesn't it?

Oh - and if you think my comment about Stephanie and Belson being whoremasters is "vulgar," keep in mind while I was innocently videotaping the Chevalier's "great debate" between Burke and the man that actually got more votes than her, Bob Penta, Muccini-Burke's husband came over and verbally assaulted this senior citizen, calling me a "motherfucker."

So keep this in mind, like the thinly-veiled Republicans that they are, Burke and Belson, masquerading as Democrats, use the GOP formula of smearing the victim, name-calling, bullying - pure Donald Trump, while meanwhile Bob Penta (who is a compassionate conservative) gets more votes and Stephanie steals the corner office.  You can't make this stuff up.

It is ugly, it is wrong, and the fact that Stephanie Burke freaks out at the mention of the varsity coach who left June 30, 2015 is all you need to know.  

She was the Director of Personnel when that alleged scandal was rumored to have gone down, literally and figuratively, and her unclean hands are just as dirty as any other "government official" (you can gag here reading those two words ...government official) 

So Welcome to Medford, Ben Brown.  Our free speech rights are paramount, and the First Amendment is anathema to wore-out-his-welcome Belson and out-of-her-depth Muccini-Burke and the police chief whose son, an MBTA cop, was removed from his vehicle on or about January 23, 2017 - had his gun and his truck taken away from him, got a ride home from a relative, but was never given a breathalyzer or a field sobriety test.

Meanwhile, this veteran of public access TV, this award-winning radio host and award-winning TV host, my name was dragged through the mud on false charges of "witness intimidation" just eight days later.  I WON.  

They are frauds, and they will file criminal charges on you, Ben, if you get out of line.  The City Clerk will physically assault you, Ben, as he did to me, and the police will make up lies about you, all the while having a police force where ex-Medford cop Miguel Lopez is on the front page of this week's paper for LYING about evidence and a MURDER that took place at his home in Stoneham when his step-son was allegedly dealing drugs; where ex-police officer Stephen Lebert has a long and sleazy history of harming the public, culminating in his threats to kill a Malden resident; not to mention LeBert's Uncle Dickie LeBert who had to pay a Woburn resident when Uncle Dickie allegedly punched someone's lights out  (

As investigation continues, a look at LeBert's career as a Medford ...

Aug 5, 2015 - LeBert and his uncle, Richard LeBert, also a Medford Police officer, get into a fight with a Woburn man who had allegedly spit on LeBert's wife.

...where current officer Shawn Hughes allegedly beat his wife and allegedly beat his business partner (how the hell is he still packing a weapon?,) where my good pal officer John Ghilain allegedly went after one of his fellow officers, an alleged physical assault, AT the police station, where officer Jimmy Lee socked his girlfriend, not his wife, in the mouth resulting in eight stitches and a no-contact order on the cop (how is HE still packing a weapon?  Oh, that's right, his late brother was the best friend of the city solicitor, was the second in command to former mayor McGlynn,) where Officer Greg Hudson beat his wife allegedly and then, after the divorce, got picked up in a prostitution sting in Lynn, where Police Officer Shawn Norton reportedly slammed into the car of a firefighter, allegedly fled the scene, was on his hands and knees being arrested for alleged DUI and got a $150.00 bail... you can't make this stuff up!

Welcome to Medford, Ben, the home of the big Depositor's Trust robbery.  OH, and the reward for the Depositor's Trust head honcho, Gerry Clemente - as rogue a cop as you will ever find, allegedly his son along with the brother of one of the co-conspirators, both have two of the highest paying jobs on the police force.

Thank you very much, I will get my millions the honest way, suing this damn city for the physical assaults on my person, the multitude of death threats so vast Police Chief Sacco must have a flow chart on them in his office, and the police harassment that was a smear campaign *you'll find they do that to ALL the victims, Ben, from the late Pat Fiorello to a variety of women and even Michael Coates, the Malden resident who - thankfully - caught Lebert in all his glory on camera.

Welcome to Medford, Ben. Your paycheck is there to ensure you stay within the parameters of Belson and Muccini-Burke's idea of free speech - a Medford Media Blackout so vile that it makes Donald Trump and Vladmir Putin look like Mother Theresa and Rosa Parks!

Welcome to Medford, Ben.   Under those miscreants this town sucks.  But that's ok, we the people are here to put a free speech spotlight on the reprobate crew that dragged the access TV process out and who sit around all day long thinking of nasty things to say and do to any citizen working to improve our city.

Welcome to Medford, Ben.  Krissy will give you the Cliff Notes version, but she hasn't even scratched the surface of the malevolence at play in the city of Medford ever since McGlynn's daddy set the table over sixty years ago.

Let Obi-Wan guide you with The Force:

Mos Eisley spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

11:12 am 7-2-17

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