Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mrs. Burke and the Varsity Coach - KENTUCKY AGE OF CONSENT



In September of 2013 a teacher was installed at Medford High School.  

In a strange twist of fate the teacher was - suddenly - no longer employed at Medford High School as of June 30, 2015.   Teaching for less than two years?  And a varsity coach at that.   Rumor has it that - allegedly - the teacher had an affair with a then-17 year old lacrosse player.

If the age of consent doesn't matter (16 in Massachusetts) because a teacher should not be having sex with students, and if a police chief's son, like Joe Sacco - for example - isn't treated with the same standards Chief Sacco holds for other citizens (Sacco, Leo A. Jr., actually appears to smear victims in the press and allegedly with whisper campaigns) one must wonder what Superintendent Roy Belson, Mayor Muccini-Burke, ex Mayor Michael J. McGlynn, Chief Sacco and others knew and when they knew it!

Kentucky and Mass. Age of Consent is 
16 years old
In Kentucky, the age of consent for sexual intercourse depends on the victim's age. The general age of consent is 16 years old, but may be 18 years old for other circumstances 

JEFFERSON CO., Ky. (WHAS11) – A former teacher at a Jefferson County school is charged with six counts of sodomy involving a 17-year-old student he taught.
The sex acts occurred in Jefferson County, Ky. and while the teacher, 36-year-old Andrew Campbell, was teaching the student at Louisville Classical Academy. That school is a private school.