Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Stephanie Burke: Beneficiary of Allegedly Stolen Election and Assault By Violent City Clerk Ed Finn

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Roy and Leo Must Go!

The Allegedly Stolen Election of 2015

Everett's Stat Smith must be FURIOUS since he got nabbed for election tactics!

They say "Oh, it could never happen HERE!"

Really?  YA THINK...well, think again under the most corrupt Administration possibly in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

How's your public access TV doing, Medford?
Censorship IS voter fraud to cable TV subscribers funding a product hijacked from them.

Medford City Clerk Ed Finn slugged a man prior to election...even Stat Smith didn't get violent, did he???

Ex-state rep Stephen 'Stat' Smith gets 4 months in prison for voter fraud

In both municipal and state elections, Smith ran a scheme where he obtained absentee ballots for ineligible voters and in some cases cast ballots for voters without them knowing it.
The April 9 sentencing triggers a five-year period during which Smith agreed not to seek elective office.
Prosecutors had recommended a $40,000 fine. Smith is scheduled to report for his sentence on May 21.

Ex-state rep Stephen 'Stat' Smith gets 4 months in prison for voter ...

Apr 9, 2013 - In both municipal and state elections, Smith ran a scheme where he ... The Everett pol pleaded guilty earlier this year with an agreement from ...