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Stephanie Burke LIED about Access TV

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Sent to Solicitor Fumbles and his Crony Crew
Mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke has lied about the opening of the access TV station and cheated the five other candidates for mayor.  

The highly unpopular Mrs. Burke is petrified of the First Amendment - has gamed the system for her own political advantage, has stacked the deck against all the other candidates who want to appear on public access television and send their message.
No wonder Jeff Kuhner on WRKO called her a "charlatan."  Truer words were never spoken.
June 14, 2017, the Vocational/Technical school used the access station funded by cable TV subscribers, with the subscribers having no idea of how their money is being spent
On that date this film director / historian wanted to discuss my documentary on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame founding member of the Jefferson Airplane (Marty Balin,) out worldwide on MVD, with a second film on Lou Reed in the works, but Krissy Fraser refused to allow me to speak for 10-15 minutes to the parents and kids about real film production, contract negotiation, publicity for a production.

A public access host since 1979 was CENSORED and BLOCKED from free speech rights at the access TV station my franchise fee helps fund.  And it's not the first time in Medford.
July 18  the Medford City Council at the fraudulent "Community Access Studio" (a studio without the community) - yet where is the announcement of the PUBLIC ACCESS STATION?
Summer Schedule July 18 & August 15, 7 pm
Community Access Studio, Medford High School 489 Winthrop Street

Watch on TV: Broadcast live: Channel 22 (Comcast) Channel 43 (Verizon)

In March of 2016 the mayor told us at a school committee meeting that the station would open in October of 2016. She knew this was an outright lie, but Stephanie Burke blurted it out anyway.
Heidi Riccio, fake "Educator of the Year" who thankfully departed Medford June 30, 2017 (two years after a varsity coach took off, to the day, with allegations that he had sex with a student, a lacrosse player allegedly, which was allegedly covered up by Police Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr., the former Mayor McGlynn, the current mayor who was Director of Personnel, and the school superintendent, Roy E. Belson.  One of the candidates for mayor is actually naming names - (YIKES) - which this candidate is choosing NOT to do at this point in time, but Belson, Burke, McGlynn and Sacco have been most silent on this topic.  No wonder there's no access TV.   

The "victim" of the "teacher" is alleged to be the daughter of a powerful Medford politician.  Rumor has it...  and LOTS of people know about the allegations so shame on channels 4, 5, 7 and 10 and Fox 25 for not reporting on it.


So when will we have access TV in Medford?   When you have to seek out open meetings of a secretive Radio / Television Board they are now calling a Chapter 74 board...and the city solicitor sends you malarkey disguised as evidence in regards to an Open Meeting Law violation complaint, you know they are playing games with your cable TV subscriber funds.

My name is Joe Viglione, 
Candidate for Mayor of Medford
I guarantee you access TV, and more!

in a city where the police chief's son didn't get a breathalyzer or a field sobriety test on or about January 23, 2017, and eight days later when I defeated the Council President in criminal court, that inappropriate reprobate Richard F. Caraviello January 31, 2017, you can see the double standards in the city of Medford.  

Vote for me, I'll set you free in this Ball of Confusion that is Medford (courtesy The Temptations)

5 Investigates: alleged drunk driving incident involving T cop sparks ...
Jan 23, 2017 - Sources told 5 Investigates the Transit Police officer, Joe Sacco, was allegedly drunk behind the wheel. A Fallon ambulance crew spotted him ...

MBTA Officer....DUI(?)...Has arrest..... - Page 5 ...
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Default. UPDATE T cop is Joe Sacco. The son of the illustrious police chief of Medford.

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T cop is Joe Sacco. The son of the illustrious police chief of Medford.

No tests were administered, so charges are unlikely for lack of evidence. Funny how that works.

Quote Originally Posted by terraformer View Post
That is EXACTLY what I am saying. Having in effect an LTC is requirement for conviction. We estimate less than half of cops have one. It actually works against you to have one...
"Happy Fun Ball" related legal question- completely insane, but distinctly relevant...

Given this, What happens if a guy had an LTC it expired, and he gets caught carrying under the influence? Does he get immunity from both? Or is he
only immune from criminal prosecution if there were no other charges in that "interval"?

MBTA Officer....DUI(?)...Has arrest.....

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