Sunday, July 16, 2017


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1)TOP S.O.B.  *
IF SHE CHANGED HER MIDDLE NAME TO Olivia instead of Muccini, her initials would actually be S.O.B.
Stephanie Olivia Burke!   Or better still, she could marry some Irish drunk and be Stephanie O'Muccini-Burke!!!!!!


This bastard of a mayor is no better than the crooked 501c3 that she went up against as a city councilor.  Now that our money is in her hands, she does the same thing the crooked, crony board did. 

As a mayor she should be held to the highest of standards, but like a penny-ante thief she takes the money and runs, runs and hides from the cable tv subscribers, citizens of Medford, allegedly hushing up a sex crime in the process.

Rick Caraviello lusts to be the top 10 S.O.B. in the city, and even said as much prior to the council meeting of March 28, hoo, he's a second rate thug who is the ninth S.O.B. this month.   He tries harder, but daffy duck is caught in an oil spill.

2)Mark Rumley

It's a toss-up between Rumley, Chief Sacco and Superintendent Belson.  So you can interchange them at will, if you like.  With great power comes great responsibility and these irresponsible nitwits make citizens want to vomit.
3)Superintendent Roy E. Belson
4)Police Chief Leo A. Sacco Jr.
5)Michael J. McGlynn

You think this rat bastard went away?  Oh, no, Yoko, he's still lingering in the shadows like the coward that he is.  Nervous about TV3 and what they know about him, Nervous about the Election, Nervous about the goal posts he is pushing back.   His old man set the table over six decades ago.  The slickest politician in the history of Medford is still a creep.
6)George Scarpelli
Follow the Galileo Mondol trial for more details.
Or just Google "George Scarpelli, Galileo Mondol"

How can Scrap-heap Scarpelli even show his face at council meetings?  Now THAT takes chutzpah!
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*George, it seems the Globe is talking about YOU!
7)Edward P. Finn, City Jerk of Medford.

8)(tied) Madame Knight and Fred Dello Russo Jr

These two should just get a room and be done with it.  Two of the most despicable people ever to get their dirty paws on Medford life.  Double yuck

9)Richard F. Caraviello, and you KNOW what the F stands for.  And it ain't the word "funny!"


10)  Cronies left on the board of MCC TV3, including you Connie Murphy! And especially the clown who calls himself "Dr. Rabies."

________________________________________________________________________ Dishonorable Mention:
Mark Tonello   s.o.b. #11 for July

There he was holding Caraviello's apron strings on the corner of Spring and Central yesterday while I was driving to breakfast somewhere else.  Do they have my cellphone tapped while I'm ordering or something?

  Talk about a suck up!   

Mark, some unfriendly but still good advice: 

...if you are going to be someone's shadow try Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo DiCaprio (can't stand him, but at least he's a higher grade,) handsome but not very ethical Joe Sacco, someone, anyone but that overweight loser whose backside hangs out larger than his disgusting big belly!


*Sorry Vivian Vance, full house this month. But we'll keep you in mind for a future Top 10 S.O.B. and that's a promise.  Fly any planes with board members lately?