Saturday, July 15, 2017

Why aren't the police asking about missing 501c3 monies?????

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So Mark Rumley again betrayed the public he took a vow as city lawyer to protect

Just because law enforcement at the AG's office is investigating doesn't mean cops, sometimes too busy sending their own to the hospital, cannot find time to drag a fraud board in for REAL questioning

Mark Rumley says he doesn't want to hear my "rants."

Let's be logical here:

I post PUBLIC RECORDS REQUESTS that Rumley sends me, while Rumley has a pissing contest with Councilor Marks.

I win in court repeatedly while Rumley gets thrown off of the witness stand for being "irrelevant" by a respected judge.

Rumley fails to follow-through on investigating the finances of TV3 while I shut down TV3, the 501c3 board that Rumley sat on.

Yeah, denigrate people, spit at them, Mark, act like Trump, but know this: people in this city are sick of your nonsense.

Mark Rumley throwing spitballs like a 5 year old.

Mark doesn't want to hear "rants" because - actually - they are not Donald Trump rants, they are merely a mirror we hold up when Mr. Rumley calls people names.

And when Rumley looks into that mirror, he does NOT like what he sees.