Saturday, July 8, 2017

Adam Knight is NFG - NO DAMN GOOD

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Saturday 7-8-17 @ 10:56 am
A heckuva lot more people reading this blog than are reading Adam Knight's lame tweets and stupidity, that's for damn sure!

Look at Knight's pathetic twitter site 

2013 and  he has 376 followers - what an imbecile!

Do you REALLY think Knight was elected or was he a participant in that fraudulent alleged "slate vote" of green card votes that got on a bus from a church on High Street and the suspicious Tufts vote a police officer told me about...we have identified EIGHT areas where the 2015 vote was allegedly STOLEN and in July of 2015 we contacted the FBI to let them know that the election would be stolen.

Time to demand the FBI step in this time...and punish any participants if it turns out that they did engage in the theft of the 2015 election.

With thugs in the unions and Knight being a union boy, do you really think 2015's election was as clean as they want you to believe it was?

It wasn't.

Unpopular Knight is LOATHED in Medford and his lame, dickless Twitter proves it.

Eunuch Adam has no stones, and this Twitter limp proves it!