Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Editor Accuses Chief Sacco of Selective Police Protection

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It has now emerged that Ms Martinez had predicted her death online, recounting her failed efforts to get help from police in a series of chilling Facebook posts documenting the couple’s tumultuous relationship.
“I’ll be dead before (they) do anything,” she wrote in a Facebook comment in January, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal.
“Although I have no doubt (you’re) still going to try to kill me but you will never find me,” she added.

 During the entire TV3 fiasco, including last year, the police never gave this victim the proper protection from TV3.

The protection I did get was ONLY after I hired an attorney to keep the station manager and other individuals away from my home and me.

There is a stack of evidence against MCC, that old buzzard that was on the board of directors, his accomplice who works in Stoneham, ugly people with ugly attacks on the people who funded the station.

Chief Sacco did nothing but allegedly engage in smears, his trademark smear campaign.

Sacco has to go.

As Mayor my first order of business will be to remove Sacco, have the current chief investigated, and replace every bad egg at the police station with honest cops who care about the citizens of our city.

We have many fine men and women on the force, but there are those who can't control themselves, who lash out, who cyber bully and worse.

This is not logical, nor is it sane.

We intend to bring some sanity to public safety in Medford.

The Stephanie Doctrine, the McGlynn Mantra, this stuff is not conducive to peace in our times.

Each selfish SOB put into power by Michael Muccini-Burke and Stephanie McGlynn will be identified and given their walking papers.

It's a new dawn.  Literally and figuratively.