Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Belson Embarrassed by New Diversity Director's Petition Comment

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Muccini-Burke's effort to keep attorney Neal Osborne out of the race for city council has the unintended consequence of embarrassing her pal, embattled school superintendent Roy E. Belson

Osborne's comment that we need a new visionary person at the high school no doubt irks the thin-skinned Belson

Bob Penta's City Council Speech reverberates in a positive way against Knight, Dello Russo

We are going to isolate that moment from the council tape (I believe it is 1:34 in) and fly it around the web on Twitter and Facebook.

It's a key moment pointing out how the overpaid donkeys, Dello Russo and Knight, are put in the bad light that they created for themselves by one of the most respected names in Medford politics.

With Muccini-Burke's poll #s down there with Trump's, right now Bob Penta is the most popular politician in all of Medford.

And he lashed out at Knight and Dello Russo with a vengeance last week.

June 27th at the Medford City Council

Dello Russo on the verge of losing his approx 500k a year  job due to damage Fred has caused to the "family business."

Competitors are gloating every time Fred Jr. Jr. does something stupid at the council, like slamming doors, dumb "point of information" along with the juvenile buffoonery causing a big black eye to the Dello Russo name in Medford.

With no access TV, Dello Russo's antics are magnified.

Popular Bob Penta chastising Fred and Adam has some serious, serious consequences for the two embattled city councilors.

Sea change is in the air.

Election 2017 coverage right here.

We predict a big change in the city council this election.