Monday, July 3, 2017

Open Meeting Law Violation COMPLAINT to be filed on Rick Caraviello for March 28, 2017 Transgression

1,009,166 @ 11:54 AM

I received a cordial response from Mark Rumley today on my complaint on Open Meeting Law and the high school's cable television board which keeps changing its name while Roy Belson plays hopscotch out in the broken parking lot.

Advised Mr. Rumley that I will have a full response on Wednesday - gave him a partial response today, and advised him that by Friday there will be a complaint on Mr. Caraviello's phoning the police to STOP Facebook live and to violate the open meeting law.

The complaints made by Bob Penta at the meeting of June 27 will back-up my filing as evidence that three members of the city council refuse to do "the people's business" at "the people's forum."

It is time to keep these paid "officials" (and the term is used loosely with those baboons) in line.