Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ray Scarfo's Amazing and Popular Facebook post

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BY Ray Scarfo
Today I received my 3 City of Medford property tax bills. They have increased to a total of $1500. As a businessman for over 40 years,I understand that cost of services increase overtime , but with a $160 plus million dollar budget,we should have something to show for it. Over the last 2 years the infrastructure in the city remains deplorable. A large number of our streets need to be repaved. This has become a major public safety issue. Our understaffed DPW employees have worked tirelessly to patch the craters with their antiquated equipment. Our police department has been working without a contract for 2 years that could have been settled for around $85,000,but,this administration stonewalled;now they are in arbitration. I was told that they returned $150,000 from this past budget. Why not settle and give them something better than what amounted to was an embarrassing offer?These are the men and women that protect us.I guess they would rather spend $2 million on a study on how to construct new a police and fire station. The 1st study was done approx 5 years ago for $500,000. The new or refurbished stations are well overdue and should be a priority. Just think what a signed contract and refurbished police and fire station would do for the moral;to be able to come to work In a clean and safe environment with the proper facilities for our men and women.
Our fire department is in need of new equipment, a ladder and pump truck. Remember these are the people who protect us. This should be our 1st priority. There is so much more that needs attention. We should look at how top heavy the salaries are in Mayor office and Department heads...reduce that and maybe they could add some DPW workers, police and fire.
More to come stay tune!