Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Power of Suggestion: City Hall Smears to Keep Control and Silence the Investigations

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Adolph Hitler used the power of suggestion to generate excitement from a nation to hurt and kill people.

It was very effective - but!  

             good - finally - defeated evil.
When the Medford Police Department, rather than stop crime in its tracks or help combat substance abuse - puts time and money into filing false charges against a journalist, you understand that the broken system finds the hard work of a journalist more important to squelch than stopping crime.

Houston - those liars in position of power in Medford prove - there's a problem!  A big problem.   Starting at 100 Main Street, the condemned building that also holds Chief  Sacco's condemned ideas of law enforcement...where laws are broken by the police who are supposed to be honest and serve and protect.


Sacco knows that the Stephen Lebert national investigations battered and bruised him. 

Leo Sacco is not as stupid as people want to believe.   He's not your friendly neighborhood Barney Fife, though the bastard pulls that act off with perfection.   He's as slimy as it gets and should NOT be the Police Chief of this municipality.


However, this "Nothing's wrong," Sgt. Schultz approach where Sacco wants Medford to believe he's lily white clean ...


while Leo Sacco's son WALKED from an alleged drunk driving non-arrest, compounded with Miguel Lopez recently on the front page of the Transcript and Alan Doherty on television and Stephen Lebert the talk of the national news media and whispers of the Gerry Clemente school of bad cop / bad cop = bad cops - 

it just boggles the mind that with a straight face Sacco will speak with that scoundrel Roy Belson to the parents at the school and not even HEAR the woman complaining that her son - her fifteen year old son - 'HAD PICTURES OF HER BREASTS"


The power of suggestion.  Sacco believes that by abusing his bully pulpit as the "authority" in Medford, the majority of Medford citizens will take his b.s. and accept it as the truth.

Sacco's son may have been drunk driving, allegedly.

They took his truck

they took Joe Sacco's gun

A relative had to drive him home

The Math is EASY to do.

Sacco's crew put false charges on a journalist and eight days after Joe Sacco walked, the journalist defeated Sacco's creepy crew.

The Federal Case I am filing against the city of Medford is going to result in a waterfall of information that will shock the citizens of this municipality.

I fight the good fight.

Varsity Coach and Joe Sacco will be front and center IN the court case and on the campaign trail in Election 2017

So help me GOD!

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