Thursday, July 6, 2017

Why I Am A Candidate for Mayor by Joe Viglione

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Stephanie Muccini-Burke has exhibited dishonesty in regards to access TV, pay-to-park for seniors, and being transparent about all things Medford.


Her good-for-nothing husband, that sicko  clerk of courts up in Middlesex Superior, Brian S. Burke, who thinks nothing of violating the canon of ethics while blurting out a vulgarity in front of seniors and other residents, is Exhibit B when it comes to the allegedly stolen election.

Clerk Edward P. Finn is Exhibit A.

Then there's Whacko Sacco whose son did not get a breathalyzer or field sobriety test.

How does letting the public down, being a hypocrite, lying to seniors that Sacco only worries about traffic and parking - the list of police officers accused of assault is lengthy and disgusting.


So Sacco lied to the seniors, Belson lies with every other word out of his mouth, and Muccini-Burke is not as slick as McGlynn, her lies are so obvious, so in your face.

How is public safety served with those three imbeciles infecting the city with their unclean hands touching your money and your lives?


Virginia Executes William Morva for 2006 Killings

"William Morva’s execution will not make our community safer. He is not 'the worst of the worst' for whom the death penalty is supposed to be reserved," defense attorney Dawn Davison said. "He is a person with a severe mental illness whose problematic and criminal behaviors were driven by his chronic psychotic disorder."

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