Sunday, December 27, 2015

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310 YouTube views of Mrs. Burke being so disrespectful and Mark Rumley 
not applauding. Shameful

Stephanie Muccini-Burke has no mandate, but she showed up for Bob Penta's big night, December 22, 2015, hearing thunderous applause for the individual who ran a cleaner campaign while Muccini-Burke threw mud. Look at the smug face, like she stole someone's lunch. Is this the "Partners in Progress" she spoke about? There can always be a recall election, or an impeachment. One thing is for damn sure, with Rick Caraviello, Fred Dello Russo Jr. and Adam Knight on her side, Medford will be fleeced by a selfish woman with an ego bigger than Alden Chambers.

Petty Mrs Burke Refuses To Applaud Bob Penta
Dec 22, 2015


Dec 26, 2015

Dec 20, 2015