Saturday, December 26, 2015

Jae Spalding does MUCH DAMAGE to the minority community

Vetting and why people are hired!
The important conversation Medford hasn't had yet.

Note:  TV3 Medford called this writer delusional and crazy, and mentally disabled.

Diane McLeod at Medford's Commission for People with Disabilities, knowing that those hurtful words were not truthful, said that because those individuals (bigots; my choice of word for them) believed me to be mentally damaged, I could legally go after them as a disabled person.  Because they at Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. (Frank Pilleri, Harvey Alberg, Ron DeLucia and others) were making false statements to that effect.

So - as a person labeled mentally disabled by the crew that ruined and lost a perfectly good access situation (had ethical people been in charge) - as a branded "disabled person," why would I want to go to Jae Spalding and Rachel Tanenhaus for help?

Not with their self-serving and quite vicious agenda.   They aren't going to help me or you, and Chief Sacco and Diane McLeod need to remove them from the disability commission.

And vet all the other members of that commission.

Which I will push for, SO HELP ME GOD!


They (Muccini-Burke, McGlynn and their followers) don't want you to know a damn thing about how sleazy and underhanded the political atmosphere is in Medford and beyond.

How the hell did a dangerous individual like Jae "I hate everyone" Spalding get to be a secretary of the Disability Commission?

What are that individual's qualifications?  Other than being mean-spirited and cruel?

Rachel Tanenhaus said that being on another board of directors is her "hobby." 

You should be sensitive to people from all walks of life, but that doesn't mean you allow a person with a disability to hit you over the head and bully you because they have a distinct advantage over you - utilizing the disability like a sword.

It is ugly.
It is wrong.

It gives a bad name to the disability community.

What is wrong with you people, Ms. McLeod and Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr.?  

Having those cruel individuals in positions of power does MUCH DAMAGE to Medford.

Jae (or Jeanette) Spalding and Rachel Tanenhaus open their mouths and remove all doubt.

They have an agenda and it is to push gay people around, push senior citizens around, they have no respect for OTHER MINORITY PEOPLE, and are every bit as cruel and abusive as slave owners and schoolyard bullies.  Vicious

Jae Spalding and Rachel Tanenhaus are two of the most vicious cyber-bullies on Facebook; two of the most vicious members of the disability commission probably in the history of Medford.

A little decorum is in order.

Jae "I was attacked" Spalding thinks there are rights for some and not for all, and that is just not fair.

Tanenhaus accused me of using the wrong gender for Jae Spalding.  I have no idea what gender Spalding is or chooses to be, nor do I care. 

It's a free country. 

God bless.  But don't bully me because you think that your ability in America to identify any way you want is a license to throw rocks at me.

It is not.  And THIS minority person will defend himself legally and with the self-respect you want to deny me, while you demand "self respect."

Jae Spalding and Rachel Tanenhaus want it BOTH WAYS.  Their way or the highway, which is why I am demanding Muccini-Burke and Diane McLeod and Chief Sacco review their activities on social media and find them guilty of harassing citizens, and remove them from the disability commission.

Enough is enough.  If they think behaving like Paul Camuso over Christmas and harassing citizens because they can; citizens who only want to improve Medford, they should do so without the badge of "Disability Commission" - because that is just plain wrong.

Those individuals can't say that they are sorry.

They won't say they are sorry.

And they hurt minority people who need help, who need advice, and who go to the disability commission for information, not harassment.