Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Responding to Jeanette Spalding: People, Can't We Just Get Along?

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I (Jeanette Spalding, Secretary of Mayor McGlynn's disability commission)  have been attacked by (Medford Information Central editor, that's me!)  on his personal blog. 

RESPONSE: No, Jeanette, no "attack," just a perspective that while some of us have no rights in Medford, others have more rights.  This is a journalist's perspective, and your cyber-bullying me with false information is regrettable, and a reason why Diane McLeod needs to discipline you and remove you from the disability commission.


He complains that my address is something I do not give out verbally during broadcast of City Council meetings (if I participate in public comment). He went so far as to write my address on his blog with Xs as stand-ins for many of the letters, threatening to release my full address.

RESPONSE: someone, please tell me where I "threatened" to expose that individual's address.  Let me add that Ms. Spalding was nasty and vicious to two city councilors I introduced her to, resulting in a complaint to Diane McLeod months ago.
She's just retaliating now.


I bring this here because it is an important conversation we need to have as constituents.
There are multiple abusive and toxic people who live in the area that I am trying to keep my home info from. While public record can be looked up, these folks would likely only get excited if it was announced on tv - which would happen at city council. I explained that this week, briefly.

RESPONSE: On September 1, 2015,  protection / relief was granted this editor to protect him and his home and his work.

Thankfully, the court placed an order of criminal harassment against a 58 year old woman who had been stalking me.  

She was cruel, abusive and threatening. She told the judge she got my address from the city council meeting.   

A friend of Adam Knight's pushed snow into my driveway three times last year; there's a police report on it. Adam Knight can feign ignorance, but they either did it FOR him or at his command.   So Jeanette Spalding deserves better treatment than other people AFTER Ms. Spalding was downright vicious to a mayoral candidate and another city councilor. Shame on her. I stand by my position as a reporter and DEMAND Diane McLeod remove Spalding from the commission for cyber bullying me.


I share that because I know I am one of many, and we shouldn't fear retribution from abusers we have successful gotten away from because we want to help make our new community the best it can be.

I believe it is every citizen's right to speak up and participate in civic engagement/government. I also believe victims of domestic violence should be able to have a voice without risking their lives.

I checked in with the people who log name/addresses and they have mine on file. Surely you would agree that not broadcasting my address on television is reasonable in the name of safety to my personhood, as a victim of domestic and childhood abuse?

RESPONSE: And when have I ever published your address anywhere, especially not on television.

Someone suggested that folks be allowed to give ward instead of address. I think that would be great. How do you feel about broadcasting an address to tv/YouTube, etc? Is there another way to represent oneself and be involve in city government without threatening their personal safety?

Just curious!

RESPONSE: I'm all for that, but the "tradition" makes it not a very level playing field for those of us who have engaged in civic duty to HELP our community over the past ten years. Our contact information is out there.

What would be fair, Ms. Spalding, is for you to utilize your position to demand this from Mayor Michael J. McGlynn and the council. They certainly aren't listening to me, I'm too logical for that creepy bunch.