Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mr. Scarpelli, we found a new coaching job for you...

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Police: 3 Tennessee high school basketball players charged with raping, assaulting teammate - 

file under: Wear those SCARpelli scars for life!

The statement says staff at LeConte Medical Center called officers Dec. 23 after a male juvenile who had been assaulted was brought there by his basketball coach.

Police say the boy was in Gatlinburg for a tournament with teammates from Ootelwah High School in Hamilton County.

Ootelwah High School Athletic Director Jesse Nayadley tells the Chattanooga Times Free Press that the three players involved in the apparent hazing incident have been dismissed from the team.
Police say the teammates, who are under 18, have been charged as juveniles. Their names weren't released.



Ex-Somerville High student sues to clear name in 2013 case


Rape charge dropped but stigma still haunts him

He was kicked off the soccer team and suspended from the high school after the 2013 assault. News cameras filmed him as police took him from his Somerville home in handcuffs. He faced penalties as severe as life in prison for rape of a child. 

Mondol denied the accusations, and last April the Berkshire district attorney’s office quietly dropped the charges, saying it was in the best interest of justice. Now Mondol and his parents have filed a federal lawsuit against the city, saying that Somerville’s mayor, in his capacity as an assistant football coach who was present at the camp, and two other officials knew about past hazing incidents. 

The $1 million suit alleges that Mayor Joseph Curtatone, Anthony Pierantozzi, the school district’s superintendent at the time, and soccer coach George Scarpelli violated Mondol’s civil rights by engaging in a zealous campaign to have him arrested, and manipulating witnesses and victims into giving misleading statements to police.

Ex-Somerville High student sues to clear name in 2013 case

The Boston Globe
Oct 31, 2015 - Part of that effort means suing the Somerville city officials he believes ... time, and soccer coach George Scarpelli violated Mondol's civil rights by ... to attend a “team-building” camp in Otis, a town more than 100 miles west of Somerville. ..... The poor test results suggest that Massachusetts' famously weak ...

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Dec 10, 2015 - George Scarpelli, is now a defendant in a lawsuit stemming from the brutal rape in Otis, Massachusetts, when 16 year old students brutalized ...

No New Police Station: THE RAPE OF A CITY

Nov 4, 2015 - ... Councilor elect George Scarpelli, both named in a lawsuit regarding the horrific event, allegedly ... Camp Lenox, Otis, Massachusetts in 2013.

Timeline not good for candidate Scarpelli

Oct 31, 2015 - Reportedly, George Scarpelli is in the midst of a battle with his old pal, Michael J. McGlynn. ... after that rape of a 16 year old with a broomstick in Otis, Massachusetts ... Teen sues Somerville after being accused of hazing rape.

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Apr 16, 2015 - After 15 years teaching physical education and health, George Scarpelli left Medford High School in 2007 for a position in Somerville's ...
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