Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fred Dello Russo, Jr. and his cohorts could face impeachment

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With the leg-twitching "mayor-elect" thinking she's ready for prime time, her body language saying something completely different, Medford is screwed unless there's an impeachment or an indictment.

The comments flying around about Muccini-Burke are not very favorable.

NO ONE wants pay-to-park, and to think thousands of people came out to vote to screw themselves is illogical.

The only logical thing is that this is currently a crooked Administration with many things to hide.

Fred Dello Russo, Jr. illegally shutting down talk as being "out of order" when a reprobate councilor Adam Knight guffaws about having another child - using taxpayer time to applaud himself ...but not other Medford new parents - is just a glaring photograph of how crooked the current Medford City Council is.

Adam Knight, Dello Russo, Jr. and Caraviello are ugly individuals taking from the residents to pad their own desires.

It is sick.  It is truly sick.