Thursday, December 24, 2015

Imbeciles in Medford don't have a clue of the Gangster Squad. That's the friggin Problem. MERRY CHRISTMAS

This post is out of control. Some people certainly have nothing better to do than to find fault in people. Yes Stephanie Muccini Burke did not clap for Robert M. Penta. but really? You video this and started a post about it? So What? Why must you find fault in so many people in this city  

 I bet if I followed you around with a camera, I might see things that upset me. Give me a break! You are bashing someone who is not in office yet. Give the woman a chance. I hope you NEVER need her assistance because if you do,I hope she tells you to get lost.
  Luisa, Merry Christmas. You think this election was perfect - Muccini-Burke slinging mud and being so offensive. This is OUR city and every citizen has a right to make things better. It was a disgusting, disreputable campaign. Give the woman a chance? You don't know the behind the scenes cut-throat things that "Team Muccini-Burke" were into; and now the piranha are eating the piranha, Burke and McGlynn have already put the boxing gloves on. It's easy for you to sit behind a typewriter and bash a man you don't know; I've spent twelve years getting punched, stalked, my property damaged because I'm fighting for you and other people too afraid to stand up to these gangsters. There's a good cell waiting for Muccini-Burke and McGlynn, and the city will be better off when those frauds are indicted. Amen. Happy New Year too.l