Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Poem for Medford's Christmas: Dawn We Now Our Gay Apparel

'Twas the night before Christmas
all drenched in magenta
huge boxes of votes
that were stolen from Penta 

A ford by the meadow*
 ( "meadow by the ford")
so filled with intrigue
when the thought was McGlynn
brought  you all that fatigue

 This false carbon copy
husband half in the bag
that white hair like Santa
It's McGlynn in full drag

Their facsimile St. Nick
out on patrol
he drives his own limo
chock full of coal 
a city council reprobate
Not from the North Pole

 Note how a junior varsity coach
can up and disappear
And there will be no public access
if you write poems/ and act queer
They take from our community
records kept in the dark
Please find me a voter
who loves that "pay to park"

                  The empress don't applaud, who really needs her
when this town got Freddy
to be our new gay leader

Soon at the D.P.W.
he's no Johnny Carson
Hope Santa brings a new fire truck
we hear he's real good at arson

Public weeping for grandma
now be a believer
Not enough in the will he screams
pulling out that old meat cleaver


Point of information
What lies beneath? 
Perhaps some diction classes,
Ultra-Brite for his teeth

For The Voters This year
some renewed excitement
Santa has in his bag
a McGlynn and Burke indictment

Her dirty campaign
way too offensive 
She'll have Republic Parking charge you
to sit on bus stop benches

She can avoid prison time,
No, it's not too late
if she and Solicitor Rumley
become evidence for the state!

They feel McGlynn sponged off them
and if he cannot make things right
it will truly be a Merry Christmas for all...
when the FBI starts to indict!

Merry Christmas