Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Letter to Freddy Dello Russo, Sr.

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5:14 pm

Dello Russo Funeral Home.
374 Main Street,
Wilmington, MA 01887

Dear Frederick Dello Russo Sr.

XXXX XXXXX contacted me to say that Fred Dello Russo Jr. and Sr. contacted him last night about
my complaints on Frederick N. Delo Russo, Jr.

Why would the alleged "council president" call a friend of mine to try to speak with me?

Mr. Dello Russo, Jr. shut down free speech last Tuesday night at the City Council,
it was inappropriate and wrong. It went against Mark Rumley's promise that the city doesn't
limit free speech. I am living proof that Medford's McGlynn Administration does, indeed,
limit free speech and stifle it.

Where's Mr. Rumley's investigation into TV3?  Where is our access station?

I understand you donated $250.00 to Muccini-Burke's campaign, Mr. Dello Russo, Sr.

from my blog

 Senior Dello Russo gives $250.00 to Muccini-Burke

/16/2015Dello Russo, Mr. Frederick N
374 Main st

I am writing directly to you, sir, that if you have any issues, feel free to contact me
directly, Fred Dello Russo, Sr., and I will tell you a few things about the politicians
your son is associated with and how they have done damage to both me and to this

Thank you

City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley / Medford Daily Mercury
on or about Nov. 16, 2008 (quoted from the 2nd Judge Jackson-Thompson hearing) saying:

“The one sentiment that I have heard that I take great exception to is that the city is trying to limit speech,” said Rumley. “The notion the city would censor or squelch free speech is baseless and as city solicitor I would find any such effort repugnant.”