Thursday, December 24, 2015

McGlynn and Burke: No Honor Among Thieves

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TO ZAC on Facebook:
If you say so. If you are trying to get me to say what I know, you are barking up the wrong tree. A woman who had ten people show up at Tempone Manor and 28 show up to Raso's while Mr. Penta had packed rooms at Bocelli's and twice at Montvale Plaza (to Mrs. Burke's paltry showing at the much smaller Bistro in West Medford) speaks volumes. You "worked the polls," but I saw Mayor McGlynn waltz in to the Firefighter's Club at 7:58 pm (and have photos) when he's supposed to be "retired." You never saw Mayhor Menino sneaking around polling places and having access to the votes, did you? Furthermore, it is ludicrous for you to compare a presidential campaign to a fraudulent mayoral campaign rife with insults and lies about her opponent. The Supreme Court ruled that there is voter fraud and Stat Smith in Everett was convicted of it and got a 6 month jail sentence. Of course, if there was embezzlement at Medford City Hall six months in jail is a lot better than ten years, don't you think? If the current Administration did something wrong, McGlynn would rather be Stat Smith than his friend Speaker DiMasi, don't you think???