Saturday, December 26, 2015

Improving Medford, it is our Civic Duty

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Making our City The Best Possible Place to Live! Medford citizens are finally mobilizing. It is so important. Any ideas on what improvements you want to see happen in our city, feel free to write them here. Our roads need to be paved, our empty storefronts need to be filled with new and exciting businesses. If Wegmans comes in to Medford how do we have them (or a new group of companies) rebuild the food court, so important to senior citizens? Only three members of the 2015 city council cared about such things, and now we only have two. Here is the place where we can start the conversation and generate public meetings. It is time Medford citizens take the initiative to do what these elected officials, for the most part, have failed to do. Wegmans is in negotiations to open store in Medford…/w…/1xB0uBLqILp3Qm97ZN5WTI/story.html (Photo is my shadow at Jordan's Furniture IMax outside the theater tonight.)

You can join the group here:

Wegmans is in negotiations to open store in Medford

The Wegmans chain of grocery stores is in discussions to open a store in Medford, according to the city’s mayor.

During his state of the city address on Sunday, Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn announced that Wegmans will be a new tenant at the Meadow Glen Mall.

“The Meadow Glen Mall has been permitted for the renovation of 60,000 square feet. Marshalls and Kohl’s will continue their leases, and they are welcoming new tenants, including Wegmans,” McGlynn said during his address.

McGlynn declined to comment further as to when a Medford store might open. 

Jo Natale, vice president of media relations for Wegmans, confirmed to that negotiations are underway for a site in Medford, but said it “would be premature to comment further or share details.”

The Rochester, N.Y.-based grocery store chain currently operates four stores in Massachusetts.

The state’s first Wegmans, in Northborough, opened in 2011.
Other locations in Chestnut Hill, Burlington, and Westwood soon followed.