Sunday, December 27, 2015

Letter to Chief Sacco on Public Records Requests

Hello Mark Rumley and Chief Sacco:

I have not received 1 Public Records Request response from the Medford Police Department, ever.

Arlington Police returned one within 5 days to a Northeastern student who I don't believe lives in Arlington?

It's like Fred Dello Russo Jr. denying this citizen his right to free speech
Chief Sacco, if Mark Rumley is advising you not to send the public records requests, you need to arrest Mr. Rumle3y and throw the book at him for lying to retired judge Marie O. Jackson Thompson, for lying to the citizens, the Medford Mercury and denying myself and the public the documents on Steve LeBert and other information you owe me.


Joe Viglione

Here's Mark Rumley's lie, he goes to the Rick Caraviello school for Prevaricators

“The one sentiment that I have heard that I take great exception to is that the city is trying to limit speech,” said Rumley. “The notion the city would censor or squelch free speech is baseless and as city solicitor I would find any such effort repugnant.”

Joe Viglione