Wednesday, December 23, 2015

after video McGlynn reportedly tells Burke to avoid council meetings

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McGlynn reportedly admonished Mrs Burke for...

Getting caught with her knickers down like Ex officer KeBert = that's Stephen LeBert K-0'd and knocked out,  Ex-Officer K-Bert!  HA HA

Allegedly McGlynn said 

"He writes. He videotapes. He's clever and smart which makes him dangerous to us.  

He's the best at what he does - which makes him the worst as far as I'm concerned"

Paraphrased of course.  And from a third party

I'm touched, your honor.  Do you measure a man's value by the quality of his  enemies?

By that barometer, ye olde Editor must be off the charts!

We're good at rat control...two rats ran out of the City Council meeting last night when they saw my camera, leaving only the rabid rat behind...