Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Top 5 Reasons the Medford 2015 Election was Stolen

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#1  Pay to Park
No sane person would vote for a candidate endorsing the biggest ripoff in Medford since Tv3.


#2  No New Police Station

Does anyone think citizens don't want to put public safety first?   So Mrs. La-Dee-Dah, Stephony Burke doesn't give a damn about a new police station, and she becomes Mayor?

Preposterous.  In what reality?


#3  A Plan for Rebuilding Medford

Councilor Penta, working for the people for thirty-six straight years, has a sound plan for the future of our city.

Mrs. Burke dusted off old plans the Mayor deep-sixed.  You really think this was a magnet for votes?  Really?   Truly?   Ya Think???


#4  Public Access TV

      The Director of Personnel and Budget Director could have flexed her muscles and given transparency to the citizens in the most important election since McGlynn seized power twenty eight years ago.   No, she ran from transparency like juvenile Paul Camuso  on a packie run looking over his shoulder to escape the local constabulary.

Please.   Use some common sense, citizens.  Stephanie Burke couldn't go on TV, she lost the two debates and threw mud at her opponent.

Shame on her. 

#5 Endorsement from Paul A. Camuso

Anyone notice the huge applause for Bob Penta last night, and far less applause for Camuso?

What I truly believe, with every fiber of my being, is that McGlynn hijacked about 1,000 votes to beneft Dello Russo, Caraviello, Question 1, Adam Knight, Stephanie Burke and...believe it or not, John Falco.

Now this is what could truly trip them up.

Mr. Falco had an enormous support, but a novice council candidate getting over 6K?

That's the RED FLAG that makes one wonder:

a)Why - if it is true - would Mr. Falco get such a huge bump?   Maybe these are legit, but logical minds pause seeing these numbers.

b)is Mr. Falco the new "chosen one."  God knows Mrs. Burke and Mike McGlynn are already at odds.

Dello Russo did little or no leg work. He gets 
5,354 in the general election   after a very poor showing of 1,644 in the primary?  You gotta be kidding?

  1. Fred Dello Russo: 1,644

Very suspicious.  No work and find an additional Three Thousand Seven Hundred and Ten votes somewhere?   Yeah, via a certain government official's magic wand...


According to the Medford City Clerk’s Office, the unofficial results of the Nov. 3 election are as follows:
Stephanie Muccini Burke - 7,060 votes
Robert M. Penta - 6,505 votes

Write-Ins - 36 votes
City Council

Richard Caraviello - 5,192 votes
Frederick Dello Russo Jr. - 5,354 votes
Adam Knight - 5,422 votes
Breanna Lungo-Koehn - 6,056 votes
Michael Marks - 5,285 votes
Mark Crowley - 4,025 votes
Christopher D’Aveta - 4,029 votes
Leonore Eforo - 1,436 votes
John Falco Jr. - 6,163 votes
Neal McSweeney - 1,640 votes
William O’Keefe Jr. - 3,840 votes
Neil Osborne - 4,354 votes
Michael Ruggiero - 3,284 votes




Neal McSweeney edged out Martin by just one vote with 388 as opposed to 387.
The final election for City Council will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 3.
Here’s a look at the vote count for each candidate:
  1. John Falco: 2,042
  2. Breanna Lungo-Koehn: 2,031
  3. Michael Marks: 1,874
  4. Adam Knight: 1,835
  5. George Scarpelli: 1,669
  6. Fred Dello Russo: 1,644
  7. Rick Caraviello: 1,625
  8. Neil Osborne: 1,532
  9. Bill O’Keefe: 1,405
  10. Mark Crowley: 1,359
  11. Chris D’Aveta: 1,338
  12. Michael Ruggiero: 921
  13. Leonore Eforo: 515
  14. Neal McSweeney: 388
  15. Mario Martin: 387
  16. Brian Chamberlain: 346