Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dello Russo Cries UNCLE...and cries Daddddyyyyyy......help me.....

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Allegedly, Frederick Dello Russo Jr. called a mutual friend of his and this editor's.
Dello Russo, the censorship queen of Medford, the son of a bitch that denied me and you OUR CIVIL RIGHTS...WWAAAAHHHHHh....went crying to his daddy to fight his battles for him.

What a pussey!

Allegedly, the Sissy Councilor, who reportedly stuck the knife in that weasel Caraviello's back (Call Freddy a WeaselFXXER, if you don't, it is certain that Assistant Court Clerk Brian Burke will!!!!) waaaaahhhhhhh....is crying uncle now...

as in..."Have Joe take that stuff about my uncle and my grandpappy down."

YOU SON OF A BITCH, FREDDY JR., you should be more concerned about the NO CONFIDENCE vote that I've petitioned against you, and the fact that your absolutely vile censorship tactics are reason to recall you from the city council.

A privileged rat bastard used to getting things handed to him because the family business, which makes money off of YOU, thinks that he should be mayor of Medford.

You are a fraud, Freddy Dello Russo.

A Charlatan.

You are not 1/100th of the man your uncle was, and he was a jailbird.  What does that tell you?

A jailbird like Arthur Dello Russo, Freddy's uncle, has more credibility and more honor in the city of Medfraud than sissy-boy Freddy Jr. will ever have.

What a fraud!

Get lost, Satan.  Get thee hence, Satan.

Hanging out with dirty people like Camuso, you tend to get fleas, Freddy. The fleas are infesting your nicely pressed suit.