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A NO CONFIDENCE VOTE against Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr.

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The vetting of the Muccini-Burke 
"transition team" continues.

1)Camuso got to go. Throw the bum out.

Mentally unstable chair of the transition team, oh that's brilliant Stephanie.  What's next? Your husband going to teach Emily Post etiquette rules at the McGlynn School?
2)Ditto for Dello Russo

It is redundant when the jackass and the horse's ass from the city council show up as payback for endorsing the candidate the citizens didn't vote for.

And a reason why Stephanie Burke was losing the election, opening up the McGlynn Machine's wrongful conduct - the theft of an election.

Anyone who thinks Muccini-Burke's pay-to-park nonsense garnered her votes, or that she's qualified, is more in need of a psychiatrist than
Frederick N. Camuso, Jr.

3) Teresa Walsh?

Who the hell is she?  Steve Marra on steroids?


4)Louis Miller they mean Louise Miller?  With what they pay Nell Coakley shouldn't she hire a real editor?

5)Vivienne Wright

Could be Vivienne Wrong.  We don't know. People I've spoken with don't know a damn thing about her.

That's just not fair, oh Partners in Progress Queen
6)Rick Orlando

"Damn, baby! What did you do to your hair?"

Orlando, you like it? it's  Autumn Sunrise!
7)Christine Cousineau

Kissing cousins?  In the nepotism-riddled McGlynn world, only her hairdresser knows for sure

8)Linda Garriot from the Marriot, Linda Garriot... Who the hell are these people?

9)Kelly Hurstack

Her stack of what? Pancakes?

10)Paul Materazzo

 What's this? A Martin Scorsese audition for

L'estinzione II, as if the biggest bomb in the history of the planet needs a sequel

You people think I'm kidding?  Starring MXtX Hxbxrxtxox, staunch Muccini-Burke supporter and full-time idiot (when he's not the town drunk) stars in it with Rhode Island carpetbaggers Larry and Dawn. 

*Mr. XaXeXsXrXh could not be on the committee because one alcoholic (the chair) was enough

11)Tim McGivern

He's not forgiven, but given a place on the "transition team" and citizens want to know why

 12)Muhammad N. Chowdhury

Say that one five times fast
13)Ken Krause

Give one hundred dollars or more and, Christ, you can get Kraused...and be on a transition team

14) Sarah Bearslee

Best drag queen name since Symphony Hole
(Symphony Hall. Get it? Oh, nevermind )
15)Joan Cyr

Cyrano de Bergerac is a play written in 1897 by Edmond Rostand.  Don't call Joan "sir"

16)Susan C. Fairchild

Susan is on the Chevalier Commission.  Mrs. Muccini-Burke is not bringing in new names and new faces to her transition team.

Civic Auditorium and Convention Center Commission

John Costas, 8/1/2017
John Veneziano, 8/1/2017
Susan Fairchild, 31 Hillcroft Park 8/1/2020
Margaret Weigel, 64 Forest Street, #329 8/1/2020

17)Gary Roberts

Carolyn Rosen and Dr. Wood once stated to me that Medford might be a big city, but it is still a "small town."  Nice to see unrecognizable names on this list, but what do we know about them?

On December 22, 2015, Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr. and Paul A. Camuso, the chair of this team, voted against the citizens learning anything about these individuals.   It was very suspicious.   


18) Paul Salano

19)Donna Sullivan

20)Monique Y. Doherty

21) Joe Bruno

22)Beth Fowkes

23) John Greco - wasn't he involved in the Medford Housing Authority?

24) David Klein

25)Chris Murphy - ran for School Committee

26)Laurel Ruma ....rumor has it...

27) Elysee H. Castor - say that one five times fast as well.  An article in the Boston Globe says that Castor is of the "Medford Housing Authority."

Any relationship to Bob Covelle?  That would be a huge red flag, now, wouldn't it?

and Elysee Castor of Medford Housing Authority for his crucial role at the beginning of the project

Haitian celebration presents new website, and food!

Posted by  November 6, 2013 10:00 AM
28)Neil Osborne - ran for City Council


The team, chaired by retiring City Councilor Paul Camuso, is comprised of Teresa Walsh, Louis Miller, Vivienne Wright, City Council President Fred Dello Russo Jr., Rick Orlando, Christine Cousineau, Linda Garriot, Kelly Hurstack, Paul Materazzo, Tim McGivern, Muhammad N. Chowdhury, Ken Krause, Sarah Beardslee, Joan Cyr, Susan Fairchild, Gary Roberts, Paul Salano, Donna Sullivan, Monique Y. Doherty, Joe Bruno, Beth Fowkes, John Greco, David Klein, Chris Murphy, Laurel Ruma, Elysee H. Castor and Neil Osborne.