Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mr. Dello Russo, We Have an Address for You!

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Dear Diane McLeod:

The secretary of the Disability Commission absolutely refused to give her address at the city council on December 22, 2015, just as she failed to do on or about December 15, 2015.

Mr. Fred Dello Russo, Jr. failed to enforce the law when:

1)Ms. Spalding is a purportedly a public figure on a very public commission.

2)Ms. Spalding is a lightning rod garnering controversy (she was extremely rude to two councilors prior to the November 3 election.)

3)Her address is on file at the Registrars of Voters office for ANY citizen to look up.  It's no big secret.  She was just being a bully again.

Jeanette Kathleen Spalding
Medford, MA 02155

address not being published because that individual will possibly - and wrongfully - yell "doxxing, doxxing."   No, it is the key to free speech at a city council, being honest with the citizens you are supposed to serve as SECRETARY of the DISABILITY COMMISSION.  
The mission of the Commission for Persons with Disabilities is to provide persons with disabilities equal opportunity and access to, as well as participation in, education, employment, and public and private services in the City of Medford through advocacy, awareness and enforcement.

Commission for Persons with Disabilities
Henry Milorin, Member, 6/30/2018
Natalie E. Breen, Member, 6/30/18
Susan W. Bibbins, Vice Chair 6/30/18
Rachel Tanenhaus, Chair 6/30/17
Jeanette Spalding, Secretary 6/30/2017

The nerve of some of these individuals who want to go up and give their opinion without playing by the rules.

IF Ms. Spalding was, indeed, "afraid," why would she put her face on TV.

Yes, it does take courage, and yes, I have suffered consequences - not being protected by the police from a violent city clerk or thugs at a 501c3 non-profit.

AFTER I put my face on TV I was stalked by a woman; and it cost time and money to take them into court, but justice was served.

The stalker said to the judge: "He gives his address out on TV"

after the judge asked her how she knew to find this victim.

So there are consequences, but why does Ms. Spalding think her life is more important than mine?

She's disabled, I'm a senior citizen. We both deserve protection, and I'm AS MUCH if not MORE at risk than her.

God knows it.

You know it.

Every reader of this magazine knows it. 

Just look what four bullies named Caraviello, Camuso, Dello Russo and Knight did to me last night. Victimized by a gang of bullies.

They need to gang up on a man over sixty.

How pathetic of a wretched city council that got in on stolen votes procuted by master criminal Michael J. McGlynn, an individual who makes Tony Soprano look like Mother Theresa. 

We respectfully request that you remove Ms. Spalding FROM the disability commission for insubordination and thinking she has rights that other people do not have.


The Editor
(address hidden; if you want to know where I live, go to a City Council meeting.  Sheesh.)