Sunday, December 27, 2015

Who are these people on Burke's Transition Team???

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Vetting the 28 people on the Transition Team

1)Frederick Dello Russo, Jr.

    As "president" of the Medford City Council, Dello Russo shut down ANY TALK of a committee that he is on, the transition team.

Pure conflict of interest from the undertaker whose past family history includes his grandfather and uncle being sent to prison.  

Two Undertaking Brothers To Take Turns In Prison .
Google News
serve four months each for income tax evasion will be allowed to do the jail terms in shifts —one at a time — so their fu neral ... So Arthur Dello Russo, starts his.

Dello Russo allowed another member of the McGlynn Administration to break the rules at the City Council on December 15 and Dec. 22, 2015.

"Secretary" of the Commission /People with Disabilities, Jeanette "Jae" Spalding, refused to give her name and address on 12/15/15.

City messenger handed Dello Russo a note on Dec. 15, 2015 to demand the name and address of the speaker, Dello Russo refused to have the speaker give her name.  Both individuals are with the McGlynn Administration, a clear case of discrimination by the council president, Dello Russo.

It is bullying.  It brings up a bigger question - if Dello Russo is dishonest as council president and cowardly in regards to the vetting of the transition team, citizens have a right to look at the transition team to be as fraudulent as some say the Muccini-Burke election was.

#2 Paul A. Camuso