Thursday, December 31, 2015

Writing to Lawyers about Frederick Dello Russo's behavior at the City Council

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Dear Medford Attorney:

On Tuesday, January 5, 2015, there are two important petitions for every business, civic group and citizen in Medford.

In the past, the city council of Medford, most notably the McGlynn cronies - Rick Caraviello, Adam Knight and Fred Dello Russo, Jr. - were hell bent on:

---denying civil rights

---making "the people's forum" a den of censorship and chilled speech

---interrupting speakers by rustling papers (Adam Knight's drawer,) tearing up papers into the microphone while people are speaking (Dello Russo and Adam Knight,) assaulting a speaker (City Clerk Edward P. Finn,) or leaving the council before an important vote to drive a limo for his private, for-profit business (Richard Caraviello of R.C. Limos.)

The flagrant abuse of citizens by these reprobate councilors, melting into Dello Russo's failure to know the council rules and/or abide by them, is a toxic mix that damages Medford.

YOU now have an opportunity to keep the city council of Medford honest in 2016

Be there.