Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I've gotta get out more...

570,520 @ 12:54 am
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18 hits in 22 minutes after midnight.
"My day beats your year" Lou Reed
ain't it the truth!

This blog may be delusional, but this is an honest-to-God true story...

...a good friend wanted to get together, so we went to an Irish bar for dinner.  It was fun...told him I was going into Boston (a rare event, even rarer on this icy night) but he had to get home.

So I'm in town - solo - watching some music, leaving around 12:10 am ...and outside on the sidewalk in the cold were these two gourgeous (that's gorgeous with an extra u for emphasis) 20-something guys, one is smoking in the crisp, freezing air, the other is making conversation with a couple, turns to me, all dressed up nicely as I was,  and says "You're cute as f XXk"...

OK, he was having fun.  "Not bad for an old man" I replied.

Then he starts making the moves.  The gaydar said to me "straight guy having fun with people on the street" - that much I knew, but I threw my usual line at him "My girlfriend would love this, but my husband will kill us."

They both crack up, and suddenly he's pressing his face against mine.  OK, I'm thinking, I've got 35, 36 years on I dreaming,'s too cold to be dreaming.  

Perhaps he liked my after shave? (as in, good thing that I shaved tonight!)

The banter continues and his friend makes a very provocative comment about what his buddy is going to do to me later on in the evening.  (I Wish!)

"Best offer I had all week" I say to them both. 

(Hope springs eternal, y'know?)

 The guy shakes my hand and smiles ...I look at him straight in the eye as we are shaking hands and say "The thing is, I would marry you in a minute."   

With the perfect timing of a wise, mature entertainer, I turn and walk away down the cobblestone and into the night to go to my car parked the next street over.
reminds me of the good old days... a galaxy far away, in a time now long, long ago...

File under: a moment back in time 

Hey Stephanie, here's an offer you can't refuse, find me that duo and I simply won't have time to blog...or, second choice, go find me a varsity coach...seriously.... 

Third option: use your powers as Mayor-elect to get that video from outside the THAT would be excellent public access TV, I can assure you...