Saturday, December 26, 2015

Disability Chair Rachel Tanenhaus FALSELY ACCUSING people of "DOXXING"

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Apologies for the typos.  I was up at the iMax tonight texting the info to this website; it is sometimes hard to correct the text until I get back to the computer.

Dear Diane McLeod:

Yet another exhibit as to why McGlynn chose the wrong people to be on the disability commission.

I want to know what the oath of office is.

Doxxing is putting someone's social security number out there, which is what TV3 did to me until I went to the police on them.

Doxxing is disseminating private and personal information.   A public address of a public official who took an oath and wants to hide from the public that she defames is not doxxing. And it is an abuse of power to claim otherwise

Fred Dello Russo Jr. needs to be held accountable for his duplicity and complicity in this mess of McGlynn's making

Tanenhaus claimed and complained that I used the
Wrong gender in referring to her friend

God help us and save us  I don't care if that individual is a he or a she or a Martian or a giraffe

We know a bad person when we see a Stephen LeBert type.  LeBert was reported in 2009 by yours truly, as were the racists at TV3 in 2003

The mayor only got caught when his pants were down. Mark Rumley too.  It took Rumley 10 years to prove the racism that I reported to him in 2003

File under:  City Complicitor

I have been a VICTIM OF DOXXING.

Public information, such as at the Registrars of Voters Office, to find the address of a city official, in this case, a member of the mayor's disability commission who took an oath, is not doxxing.

Let's go a step further.  A bunch of XXXX's blocking out the address is further proof that Rachel Tanenhous is out of order, lied about a senior citizen who is also a minority person, and why you need to remove Jae Spalding and Rachel Tanenhaus before they hurt more people and use the disability commission like a baseball bat to whack us with.

They are not nice people.